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  1. rugved1118

    Any alternative for weatherboard tweak ?

    Hello Is there an alternative for weatherboard tweak for 11.3 jailbreak ?
  2. rugved1118

    Please help urgent

    Hello guys I am on elektra jailbreak 11.3 and have recently added a dozen of repos in cydia. Everytime I open cydia, i am getting the below error due to which I am unable to install tweaks such as ShieldXI, etc. Can anyone please help me get rid of this error ?
  3. rugved1118

    Unable to pair to macbook air

    Hello guys When i try to pair my iphone 5s with my friends macbook air, it gets connected but the macbook gives an error stating unable to connect to the internet. By any chance, does it has anything to do about using same apple id ? As i dnt encounter any issues when i pair with my ipad...
  4. rugved1118

    Free App to type faster on 5s

    Hello Is there a free app that could let me type faster on 5s with 11.2.2 ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. rugved1118

    MacBook Air How to identify if display is changed

    Hi I’m planning to buy second hand macbook air at rock bottom price. I would like to know how can we make out if the display was been replaced by some third party service centre ? Also, what is the checklist I should look for before cracking this deal ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. rugved1118

    Freeware to backup messages and imessages from iphone

    Hello there Is there a freeware which can backup and also extract messages and imessages from an iphone ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. rugved1118

    Error 17 and 3194... please help

    I am on iOS 10.1.1 and have downloaded ipsw file for 10.2. While restoring to 10.2, I was getting error 3194. Now, I goggled out and then have added these lines at the end of hosts file on my windows xp desktop :-
  8. rugved1118

    PhotoFast does'nt work on iPhone 6

    Hello, PhotoFast does'nt work on iPhone 6 properly. I have installed the App and then when I tried to connect the device to my friend's iPhone 6, it does not detect. Moreover, this is working absolutely fine on other iPhones (5s and 6 +). Could you please tell me what could be the reason ?
  9. rugved1118

    Unable to get the lyrics on apple music

    Hello, Am using iOS 10 on iphone 5s. I have recently subscribed to apple music but is Unable to get the lyrics (refer to the screenshot). Can anyone please assist me ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. rugved1118

    iOS 10 Jailbreak ?

    Hello, Does anybody have any idea when would jailbreak for iOS 10 be out ?
  11. rugved1118

    Unable to update to 9.3.3

    Hello, My friend is unable to update his iphone 6 to 9.3.3 using OTA and from itunes .. Please help !!!
  12. rugved1118

    Issue with the camera

    Hello, My friend is getting this error whenever he tries to access his camera, inspite the handset is not at all hot. He has also tried performing "erase all content and settings" but the problem still persists. Please help !!!
  13. rugved1118

    Iphone 5s gets switched off at 8%

    Hello, My 2.5 yrs jailbroken 8.3 iphone 5s gets switched off at 8%. Can anyone please help me diagnose this issue ? Also, when kept for charging, the apple logo is displayed in just 1-2 secs and 7% charging is displayed. Please help !!
  14. rugved1118

    Any tweak where "hey siri" will work without powered

    Hello, Is there any tweak where "hey siri" will work without hooking up ?
  15. rugved1118

    Is Apple Watch compatible with iOS 8.3.2 ?

    Hello there, I am planning to buy Apple iWatch. But, before I go ahead, I need your suggestions on the following :- Is Apple iWatch compatible with Jailbroken 8.3.2 iphone 5s ? Is it really worth buying apple iwatch OR should i wait for version 2 ? Are there any disadvantages of the iWatch ?
  16. rugved1118

    After respring, iphone switches to silent mode

    Hello, After respring my iphone, it siwtches over to silent mode. Any idea why is this happening ?
  17. rugved1118

    Any best photo app to take DSLR quality photos ?

    Hello, Can anybody recommend any best photo app to take DSLR quality photos ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. rugved1118

    Any good music app with manual equalizers

    Hello, Is there any good music app with manual equalizers ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. rugved1118

    Codec not supported in VLC Player

    I have downloaded a video with AC3 audio format, which VLC is unable to support. Please check the screenshot. Is there any other app which supports AC3 audio format ?
  20. rugved1118

    Any tweak to remove dock background

    Hello, I am using Harbour and would like to remove the background of the dock. Please check out the screenshot. Can anyone please suggest any tweak for this ?