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    App Upgrades

    So my big question is once we get these iPad's in our hands and the new apps start pushing out for them. Are these guys going to charges us again to update our apps to take advantage of the iPad? I have not seen any information about it and Apple of course has been very quiet.
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    Apps no longer copy from phone to iTunes

    Has anyone else seen this? I downloaded a few apps while on the go on to my iPhone 3g. When I get home and try to sync again the apps never copy back into iTunes. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Its a little tricky..

    So when I setup my iPhone it asks you to login to your iTunes account to finish the setup. My question is, is there a way to change what iTunes account you have setup on your phone? Or did they just make you login to the account for some other reason and nothing is actually placed on your phone?
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    ilife 08 and Send to Web Gallery

    I have my iPhone, I have iLife 08, I have made several galleries, the two I want to use with my iPhone both have the send by email and allow to upload. On my phone when I select a picture then tap Send to Web Gallery it goes to the new page with Web Gallery Albums on the top and a cancel button...
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    Does anyone by chance have a very small mp4 file of homer saying DOHH! I want to set it as my tone for reciving TXT messages and Im not having much luck finding a nice clear version of it.
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    Usernames and Password

    So has anyone else wondered or found a way to get safari to save your usernames and passwords on websites like the desktop version does? Kind of getting tired of having to type in my bank or work email info over and over again. Otherwise this phone kicks some major butt :)