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    stuck on 2.0 upgrade - iTunes store can't connect

    i get an enable ssl3.0 and tls1.0 error. i checked my internet options - both are enabled. iPhone is stuck! any advice?
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    how to upgrade to 2.0 with pwnage'd iPhone?

    how to upgrade to 2.0 with pwned iPhone? can we just do the update or do we have to do something else first?
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    mxtube install question? HOW?

    i have cydia on my iPhone and i can't figure out how to install mxtube? can anyone please help point me in the right direction...
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    help unlocking iPhone that has been winpwn'ed

    i'm trying to unlock the iPhone. i have successfuly winpwn'ed my iPhone. My goal is to allow it to use any sim card while i travel abroad. I want to keep AT&T here in the US. How do you install bootneuter on the windows winpwn? does anyone have any detailed instructions... i understand that you...
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    unlocking iPhone question

    i'm planning a trip to europe and would really like to unlock my iPhone so i can put in a europe SIM. now, i have a phone that i bought on opening day and have done every single update as soon as it came out and have never jailbroken it or anything else. is there a tutorial that someone can...
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    best ringtone

    the ringtone search is really lousy on the iTunes store. i'd like to get some ringtones and trying to find some popular ones. anyone have some they particularly like.
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    my email doesn't work after update

    Has anyone else had this problem. My email no longer works after today's update. Open mail and it states: Connecting... for ever. ARGHHHHHHHHHH now i have to call Apple support....
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    problem sync'ing calendar (doesn't update)

    So i can't figure this out but i'm getting a successful sync (at least according to iTunes). The problem is that it doesn't update my calendar and it keeps old data that i've already deleted. i've tried the regular sync and i've tried checking the tab that states:"replace information on this...
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    legality of the locked iPhone?

    First - i very much enjoy my iPhone and this is not a slam on Apple! With that said, i don't believe that they are acting properly in the following way. I bought my iPhone on intro day. I activated it and i'm an existing AT&T customer and had no problems. However, when i travel in Europe i...
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    Need to limit downloads for Europe travel

    Well i purchased my iPhone on Friday, but now realize there is a significant problem with the iPhone. The iPhone downloads all attachments under gmail and imap4. In one weekend (and i get less email during weekends) it downloaded over 10MB. Well in Europe the it costs $24.99 for 10MB and...