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  1. EJW2202

    Apple Online Store Update

    They are, as of right now updating the online store. I wonder what Apple has in store for us.
  2. EJW2202

    Playing music on an Xbox 360

    Does anyone here know of a way to play the music from my iPhone to an Xbox 360? When I plug it in, the pictures show up on there but not the music.
  3. EJW2202

    charging the iPhone

    I have a question. Does the iPhone still charge if you plug it in then shut it off? And if it does, is that the better way to do it or is it better to do while its in sleep mode.
  4. EJW2202

    This Was A Bad Day For Me

    Alright after the six months I have been waiting for this thing to come out I worked really hard and saved up the money to buy it. When the launch day comes my mother didn't agree with my iPhone purchase so I went on for the last four days doing whatever she wanted to get her to allow me to buy...