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    iPhone X emojis

    Hi ive just got the iphone x and even though ive downloaded an emoji app i cant see them when i want to send a message?? ive looked online and the only thing i can find is to add a keyboard(which ive done on previous models) yet the x is not giving me this option? Can anyone help please?
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    missing videos??

    Hi ive just updated my itunes and all my videos have disappeared can anyone help?? Thanks
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    Getting Hotmail messages on iPhone 4

    hi hope someone can help,my friend has just bought an iPhone 4 and set up a hotmail account, ive a3gs and when i went to settings i simply inputted my hotmail add and password and off i went,however when trying to do his its asking a hell of a lot more questions eg incoming &outgoing servers...
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    iTunes 10 problem

    hi i updated to iTunes 10 however every time i tried to open it an error 998 message came up and a data execution problem? after asking on here i was told to uninstall iTunes and download it again! Having tried this a number of times i get half way through when a message stating their is a...
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    Watching video on TV from iPhone 3GS

    hi can anyone help ive had the ipod classic for a few years and have got the av cable which allows me to play movies onto the tv, however this does not work on my iPhone 3gs? do i have to buy a different cable or install a program? any ideas ? thanks