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  1. imutter

    iPhone 11 iPhone 11 what to expect tomorrow?

    I really would love a rainbow effect color . I am getting of course the next phone max is a must Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    I was wondering if anyone has set the shortcuts up ? What are you automating? I get my door opened when I get home. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Watch series 4 44 mm gold

    I just opened the new watch and took some pictures. I also held my series 3 next to it. the band is in a separate Box nice a little pouch Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Apple Watch Series 4 preorder thread

    I have to say I am more excited about the watch than I am about the phone. I have ordered 2 watches one gold aluminum with my phone on att and gold steel one at BestBuy . I work now at a flower shop . I need something durable. Besides custom decors I am also doing fresh designs as needed. My...
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    iPhone XS Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    I am setting my alarm clock. I usually get Apple care there are now 2 options. I am not sure if I need stolen or lost coverage? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    iPhone X iPhone X first impressions

    Wow what a nice surprise. Set up a breeze! It's fast, very fast. Face tracking amazingly speedy. I did not expect this level of perfection. Most changes are easy to get used to and intuitive. But then you get the last minute changes were they must have send the UX team on vacation? The "done"...
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    Apple Watch Series 3

    For me the watch was a bigger announcement . I was surprised when they announced the new sim card. I love the fact that you use 1 phone number and of course the size of the device has not changed. There is no smartwatch out there compatible to Apple watch 3 ?
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    iPhone 8 Rumors believe it or not ?

    Everyday I read about possible iPhone 8 features, release dates, cost etc. It's time to start a thread! I know I want iPhone 8 not 7s or 7s plus. But is this line up even confirmed? I love the 7 plus! It's one of my favorites. But I am ready for a new iPhone especially for a 10th Anniversary...
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    Aftermarket Carplay system

    My uConnect system has been rather disappointing. I am having an appointment with the dealership to take a look at my system and streaming issues. I decided to research some units and looked at what is coming in 2017. I found some people swear Kenwood is best. Others choose Pioneer or Alpine...
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    What about the TV App

    What do think ? I will love it. I hope I can get my hubby on board ...
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    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 new features

    There are a few features I am really curious about and can't wait to try out. I will be going to the store and try the camera, home button, stereo speakers and etc. Answer calls on apps like Facebook Messenger and more. No matter where your call comes from, iPhone 7 can answer it just like a...
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    iPhone 7 No sapphire glass? I am not sure what to think about forbes claim ?
  13. imutter

    iPhone 7 case ordered ?

    This year I decided to go with the plus model iPhone. Usually I get one of Apples cases ordered with the device. I gave gotten a casetify case and watchbands last year and will do so once the iPhone 7 plus cases are available. With the bigger size phone I would like more protection specially for...
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    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 preorder thread

    I will be getting up at 2 am and pre order . This will be my first plus size iPhone . I have not picked the color. wonder how hard it will be to get the jet black ?
  15. imutter

    Wifi Calling on Apple Watch

    I seem to not be able to turn on this feature? I use iPhone 6s and turned on WiFi calling with AT&T I do not see the watch on "Allow Calls on Other devices" And I have no button on the "Watch" App to tune it on .
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    iPhone 6s Uconnect Car system - glitches

    I have my 6s connected to the Jeep Uconnect 430/RBZ system I keeps the speaking input bar on all sms message type input boxes. I did not send any sms messages. And it stays there even when I moved from the cars Bluetooth reach. I have to restart the phone so I can get the speaker input bar off...
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    iPhone 6s Apple Upgrade Program discussion

    Is anyone switching from their carrier option to the new Apple Update program?
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    AT&T makes me dance - Double the Data Sign-up by October 31st to get 30GB of Truly Shareable Data, 2-10 lines, Starting at $160/month WIRELESS / Dallas, Texas, 5 hours ago Share AT&T Offers New...
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    Flexible Retina display - new sensing capability

    I never heard of this before anyone else eager to try this? Sensitive enough to tell a tap from a press. In addition to recognizing touch, Apple Watch senses force, adding a new dimension to the user interface. Force Touch uses tiny electrodes around the flexible Retina display to distinguish...
  20. imutter

    Did you settle 6 or Plus color size to get it on the 19th?

    Looks like many did not get the phone they wanted ? I would not have, I settled on color last year not again!