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    Has anyone unlocked2.2.1?

    If you're already on 2.2.1 then you can use the baseband downgrader from Cydia. It just downgrades the baseband to 2.28.0 (or whatever).
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    Clippy finally got it right

    Try disabling Clippy with the Clippy SBSettings toggle to see if it helps.
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    Clippy finally got it right

    Typing in Safari has always been sluggish.
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    MobileInstallation Without Jailbreak?

    I'll probably just jailbreak it anyway. There are still some things I really want, like SBSettings.
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    MobileInstallation Without Jailbreak?

    Is there a way to install the MobileInstallation file without a jailbreak? Because I don't really need it. There aren't very many good themes and stuff like that, so I don't really need a jailbreak, but I would like to have the patches MobileInstallation file if possible. If not, then I'll...
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    XGPS voice turn by turn update out now!

    That sucks :(. I like the new mini-map that they added in the new version.
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    Clippy finally got it right

    I don't understand what the Templates feature in hClipboard is supposed to do.
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    Tethering iPhone 3G?

    It depends on if you have 3G or EDGE in your area. Are you planning on switching to AT&T or what?
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    Clippy finally got it right

    Yeah. So far so good!
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    Album Art Didn't Transfer

    I think it's a iTunes 8.1 problem. When I synced me music with the previous version of iTunes, the Album Art option showed up. Now, it's not there:
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    Clippy finally got it right

    Yup. They fix one thing, then something else happens. I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of Clippy. If I need to copy and paste something that bad, then I'll get on a computer or just take a screenshot.
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    Clippy finally got it right

    The latest version of Clippy freezes Safari (and whatever app that uses the Safari API) way too much. I have the Clippy SBSettings toggle so I can turn it off and on whenever I need to.
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    Album Art Didn't Transfer

    Before I actually transferred all my songs, I tried out MediaMonkey to transfer a couple of songs to see if it worked. It transferred them, but it didn't transfer the album art. I noticed that the check box for transfer album art wasn't checked, so I checked it, and I guess I forgot to try it. I...
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    Album Art Didn't Transfer

    I remember seeing that option in the Music tab when I sync my iPod Classic, but I couldn't find it for the Music tab with my iPhone. I have a few ideas that might get it to work. There's no way I'm gonna transfer all my music again. It just takes way too long.
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    Album Art Didn't Transfer

    I restored my iPhone yesterday, but some songs on here (2,200), and I noticed that none of them have album art. WTF? They all did before... If I go to my iPhone>Music in iTunes, right click on a song>Get Info, the album art will be there. I can manually take an MP3 from...
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    I hate how you have to have a Facebook account to post a comment. I don't think most of those people know about jailbreaking...
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    Categories SUCKS!

    I guess you're right... I used to have about 50 apps on mine, but I currently have 19.
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    OS X on PC

    It depends. You basically try it out and see how it goes.
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    Official Using Videora for DVD to iPhone Video Conversion

    Here: Those are the setting I use. Ignore the iPod Classic 6G thing. H.264 is the MPEG-4 codec, 1024kbps is the video bitrate (very good for for watching it on a TV, on your iPod, or on your iPhone), 128kbps is the audio bitrate (pretty good), and the resolution will be 640x480 (it will...