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  1. Y-Less

    Read Hotmail with

    I was fed up with having to go to the hotmail website and sign in to be able to view my emails, so I had a look around the internet and tried various alternatives, but eventually struck gold with In Mail, add a new account (in the Accounts section of its preferences) and choose a POP3...
  2. Y-Less

    Rumored 2.3 firmware

    Last friday, Apple (yup, they're still around), released the 2.2 firmware, but 3 days later, an french mac website shot on telling everybody that on 08-12-08 the 2.3 firmware is going to be released for beta testing. The update should have the follow items included: - Horizontal display for...
  3. Y-Less

    KPN and/or T-Mobile subscription

    Hello fellow members, I have a iPhone 3G with a dutch KPN subscription and I have a SIM-only card subscription from T-Mobile. The default simcard that came with the iPhone 3G is the dutch KPN subscription, If I insert the T-Mobile simcard, iTunes asks to download a carrier update and after...
  4. Y-Less

    Ladies and Gentlemen - We Got Him!

    Yes! After waiting 3 weeks after paying like a million, its finally here! :laugh2: Well, now its time for me how to find out how to insert the simcard
  5. Y-Less

    everythingiCafe Video

    Could some operator delete this topic? Thank you.
  6. Y-Less

    My sweet babies

    Yes! I do have them.. And it sucks.. But heh. I just finished my last server for my second server room in my house.. Here is my last build: (had to use tinypic because EIC wont allow 1MB photos)
  7. Y-Less

    Throwing my life away

    A lots been going on in my life-- most of which, sadly, I can't write about here (at this juncture) It’s time to lay it all out there on the table, Because I feel to write it from me away. My life for the past 14 months has been one of confusion and fear. Let me fill you in. Sometimes I’ll...
  8. Y-Less

    Jailbreaking fix for iPod touch

    Hello everyone. For the last few days posts has been seen about the ZiPhone 2.5 (or lower) and the device iPod Touch, Huge problems while jailbreaking the iPod touch and the message "Spamming AT, waiting for a response". This fix works on iPod Touch devices with 8GB, 16GB and higher! Okay...
  9. Y-Less

    My repository..

    Hi everyone, I've just made my own repository, There are only currently three things in it, the link is: -Sorry currently down.. will post new link very soon!- There are currently tree items in my repository: Screenshot (from Robota Softwarehouse, full credit to them) gpSPhone...
  10. Y-Less

    Bootloader 4.6

    Hello everyone, Some rumors says that if you downgrade your bootloader from 4.6 to 3.9 that it will crash and you need to send your phone to Apple for recovery. I've buyed a iPhone Touch and this was shipped with 1.1.2 and bootloader 4.6. How do I downgrade? I can't even install the...
  11. Y-Less

    MSN Messenger Service

    Yes, We know there are 2 modules that allows you go chat on msn, apollo and mobile chat, both will not connect until you apply the 1.1.3 patch, Great but those interface's sucks ass, on both programs. Is there any other cliënt out there that has a normal interface and doesn't...
  12. Y-Less

    Jailhacking iPod Touch

    Hello everybody, I have a iPod Touch (Clean restored with 1.1.1 (3a110a), model MA623ZD), There is a update from iTunes that says 1.1.4 but I cannot update as I'll get error's with 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604. So I'm not gonne update true iTunes as it will not successfully update. Now with...