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  1. uRabbit

    Use as GoPhone?

    Hi all. A guy at our local AT&T store said we could use our iPhones as GoPhones, so long as we did not want data. Is this true? AT&T won't try to tack on a data plan when the SIM card tells their network what device I am using? I know this happens with Blackberries, so I am just wondering.
  2. uRabbit

    iPod Touch camera?

    Trying to find the specs on the iPod Touch camera. I see it is 720p. But what about pictures? Is it the same measily 5 MP found in the iPhone 4? Getting rid of the 4S and was hoping to have a nice camera on an iPod Touch. Thanks! (Yes, I did Google. Couldn't find anything for some reason.)
  3. uRabbit

    Tether w/o AT&T knowing?

    MyWi is an awesome app. However, it uses the built-in APN, or whatever. (I am not skilled in networking, beyond home network setup/troubleshooting). This article mentions one app - PDANet - being able to "spoof" it. Does it work? By that, I mean, does AT&T find out? Or, what apps do you...
  4. uRabbit

    Texting app to non-app users?

    All of the texting apps I have found only allow texting to other users of that same app. This does not do anything for my wife and I, as we both have iOS 5. However, we sometimes text people who do not have iPhones. But typically not enough to warrant a texting plan. Yet other months, we do...
  5. uRabbit

    Siri not setting location-based reminders.

    I have added to my contacts locations that we frequent. Such as, our credit union, downtown, Target, etc. I asked Siri to remind me to go to my bank when we left Target, but it just came up with the whole spiel about not understanding me, and explaining that I could set a reminder for a time or...
  6. uRabbit

    Download .swf file in Lion?

    Trying to download the video from here: Obviously, it is deeply embedded in the page somewhere. Cannot download with Firefox's 'Page Info', Safari's 'Activity' window, or Elmedia Player (don't have Pro anyway) or ClibGrab...
  7. uRabbit

    No location-based reminders for 3GS

    So... I see there are no location-based reminders for my 3GS? Awesome...
  8. uRabbit

    iMac 3.5" external enclosures w/ USB 3.0?

    I am looking for an external enclosure for my 3.5" SATA drives that were inside my previous computer. There are three of them, and I would love if I could find an enclosure for all of them. I need to find one (3-in-1 or 3 separate) that matches the new iMac. Any suggestions?
  9. uRabbit

    Cancel App Download?

    It seems that there is still no workaround for this...? I have an app - Dark Nebula 2 - that I started the download on my iPhone 3GS on 3G network, so that I would not forget to download it in iTunes. I did not realize this would render it impossible to get the app... I downloaded in iTunes...
  10. uRabbit

    MacBook Air Is 128 GB enough?

    I am in the market for a MacBook. Leaning towards the MBA, because of the portability and speed of flash storage. SSD is still too expensive, so that is why MBP is almost ruled out. Pricing the lowest-end MBA, I have come up with two things - I could go bare-bones with the 64 GB / 2 GB...
  11. uRabbit

    AirPrint w/o WiFi printer?

    I would like to start utilizing my iPhone's 'AirPrint' capability. I have a wireless network in-home. Is there any way to print to my non-wireless printer? There's got to be! Thanks!
  12. uRabbit

    Firefox addon for master login?

    If there is not already, there should be a Firefox addon that allows you to use one login, that will log you in to, say, Facebook, Flickr, Gmail, anything else you want. Is there?
  13. uRabbit

    Some Cydia apps will not open

    Tried searching, but did not find what I was looking for. Some Cydia apps - BossPrefs, Terminal, dTunes - refuse to open. Well, they open, the close immediately. Just downloaded them.
  14. uRabbit

    'Sync Books' sends 'Video' size to 11.2 GB

    Have 3GS set up to sync. If I select 'Sync Books', the Video size shoots up to 11.2 GB. And, I have no books selected. What the heck?
  15. uRabbit

    The Fail Forum

    Can we just call this the Fail Forum? It really is a truer title for what goes on here in this so-called 'iPhone 5 Forum'.
  16. uRabbit

    Host HD images?

    Facebook's limit is x720. Flickr's limit is x1024. Is there a free service that allows HD images larger than x1024? I suppose the 'best' way would be to create a server, but I've no idea how.
  17. uRabbit

    iOS 5 beta 1 for daily use?

    How is the beta 1 doing for you guys for day-to-day use. I'm talking, you have NO plan b device. And I'm running a 3GS, so those with a 3GS, if you could put in your info as well. I would, of course, be willing to submit information during beta testing.
  18. uRabbit

    Calendar Alarm Times

    I set an event to take place from 7:30 to 8:30. I set the alarm for 15 minutes before. When does it go off? 8:15, 15 minutes before it ended! What?! So, I'm awfuly confused about the calendar now. It doesn't seem like it was like this pre-iOS 4. I just started using it a lot again. And it's...
  19. uRabbit

    Windows 8 takes cues from OS X Lion

    Utterly ridiculous... Microsoft is doing it again! Their total lack in coming up with anything unique, genuine, or otherwise original in any way, is proving to be their mission statement. Have a gander...
  20. uRabbit

    Remove Otterbox screen protector? I think so...

    I have had my 3GS (not the same one) and my Otterbox Defender for two years now. And believe you me, this case is DIRTY! It got so dirty, that the proximity sensor and auto brightness don't work anymore. Haha! Also, there is a LOT of build-up under the screen, despite weekly cleanings. So, I...