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    SportsTap - great push app for sports scores

    I have been using SportTap way back when it was just a webapp and now there Push Notification works great. If your waiting for Espn to update theirs and want push for sports go get this one you will really enjoy the notification service.
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    My way of going from a 3G to 3GS experience

    Ok, I have been here the whole time owning V1 then 3g and now 3GS. I was able to go from the V1 to the 3G with ATT's early upgrade on July 11th 2008. When the 3Gs came out I was very disappointed that I would not be able to upgrade to it at the Sub price of 199. I though to myself how can I get...
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    Apps will not sync between iTunes and phone

    everytime I buy or download an app from the app store on the phone it does show in my app list in iTunes after syncing. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Back to Apple I go with a dead portion of my new 3G iPhone screen

    I can't select the letter Q or the number 1 at all in any app and when I'm in Safari, i flip to landscape and I can't select the + or pages or Bookmarks. I restored the phone twice and even set it up as a new phone and still the same problem. My V1 never had any issues with the screen and I had...
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    Look what the wife made me for my B-DAY

    I got my 3G iPhone yesterday and my Birthday is today and this is what I see this morning on the table.
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    iPhone 3G Accessories Forum ?

    Since the new iPhone is shaped a little different I think we need a 3G Accessories specific section to go to. Especially since there will be allot of new people coming to this site over the next few weeks. For Example, this will help new people understand that a specific case is for 3g only or a...
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    New pics from AT&T and Apple Marketing according to Giz and CrunchGear
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    New 3G Pic from CNET Blog

    Latest alleged 3G iPhone photo surfaces Images allegedly depicting a forthcoming 3G iPhone are a dime a dozen. Numerous sites have posted purportedly genuine photos of the actual device, mock-ups, and renderings — some ridiculous, others plausible. A word of circumspection regarding these...
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    Seidio Innocase is the best yet!

    I just received the Case and all I can say is perfect! I have been trying cases since iDay and I always fell back to my Naked iPhone. I've owned a Belkin, Agent 18, ExtremeMac Rubberized, Incase, and an iSkin Revo. Seidio Innocase is by far the best This case has a rubberized feel, but yet it...
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    New iPhone Stand

    Check this new stand out. I am really considering this for my Office Desk.
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    Two and a half men used iPhone

    charley Sheen used the iPhone tonight upside down. It just upsets me to no end when Hollywood uses technology wrong.
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    ultimate buds vs. Vibe duo w/ clicker ?

    Im having the hardest time deciding which ones to get. Please give me your experiences so I can stop banging my head over this one. Thanks
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    after jailbreak on 1.1.1 3rd party apps open then close

    ok, I have 3rd party apps like fivedice, ilight, and others on my phone and everytime i open them they try and open then go right back to home screen. I have restored and tried again with no luck. I even restored and rejailbreaked the phone. Help!
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    Lag on apps opening after 1.1.1 jailbreak - Help

    OK, so I used to have 1.0.2 Jailbreaked via iBrickr and now have 1.1.1 jailbreaked via 1 click method for Windows. I have noticed a major lag when I open up applications on the phone. Especially the Status Bar at the top taking longer than the rest of the app to load. Is this a common problem...
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    Headphones/Bose TriPort IE = Plugs right into iPhone

    I took a small nail file (Metal) and gently shaved off some of the rubber and it fits perfect. Took me about 5-10 minutes. I thought people should know since this method maybe used with other Head Phones as well. I have seen people use razor blades, knifes, sand paper, but not a Nail File.
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    29 Different Colors for the iPhone by ColorWare

    Check it out and lets see who will be the first to take the plundge. 150 for the case 649 for the 4GB 749 for the 8GB