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    MobileInstallation Without Jailbreak?

    Is there a way to install the MobileInstallation file without a jailbreak? Because I don't really need it. There aren't very many good themes and stuff like that, so I don't really need a jailbreak, but I would like to have the patches MobileInstallation file if possible. If not, then I'll...
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    Album Art Didn't Transfer

    I restored my iPhone yesterday, but some songs on here (2,200), and I noticed that none of them have album art. WTF? They all did before... If I go to my iPhone>Music in iTunes, right click on a song>Get Info, the album art will be there. I can manually take an MP3 from...
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    Mail Doesn't Delete My Mail

    Mail doesn't seem to be deleting any of my mail from any of my mailboxes. I'll go ahead and delete an email on my Gmail account. I'll then empty the trash can. I would then go to, login, and the message would still be there. Is this normal or what?
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    Organizing the Dock

    I have a huge amount of icons on my dock. Is there a way I can easily put them in stacks based off of what kind of applications they are? All of the actual applications are located in the Applications folder.
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    Underworld: Drug Lords (Jailbroken Game)

    I found the a-steroids source somewhere and they make a game called "Underworld". It's basically an online/GPS-location based game where you're this guy who has to sell various forms of drugs to make your way to the top (money wise). Add this repo to Cydia: It's...
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    Apple Unveils New iPod Shuffle

    Apple today has *silently* updating the line of iPod Shuffle's. The main feature of this little beast is it's text to speech engine; it talks to you! Below is a brief list of features that are on Apple's website: 1.8" tall x 0.3" thin to be exact. To create the world’s smallest music player, we...
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    iPod Touch 2G = Full *UN*tethered Jailbreak

    The iphone-Dev team last night has finally done it. They have released a full untethered jailbreak! The following guide is for Windows. If you are on OS X, you can wait until later today for QuickPWN and all those other apps to update themselves for the iPT2G. 1. Download the “unofficialsn0w...
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    Fastest Video Converter for OS X?

    Since I'll be using OS X (on my PC) a lot, what is a good (and possibly free) video converter for Mac? I want something fast. Videora on Windows (to me) is the best. Does anyone know of an equivalent?
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    Sync with more than one computer/OS?

    Is there a way where I can edit/sync my iPhone on both my Vista install and my OS X install? I'll be in OS X much more (since my video card now has QE/CI) and I want to be able to manage everything in OS X. Maybe I could use VMware Fusion to boot my Vista partition? It's slow, but I guess it...
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    How do I use Faces in iPhoto '09?

    After playing around with iPhoto '09 for about an hour, how in the crap do I use the whole "Faces" feature? I added a box around someone's face, gave them a name, clicked on "Done", and the box just disappears!
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    My Cydia Source/Repo

    Add this in Cydia: At the moment of this post, there are only 2 packages in there. I'll be adding more as I go on with it. If you have already added the source recently, I need you to delete these 2 files: \private\var\lib\apt\lists\drum.profilehouse.com_c...
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    Battery Is Awful

    Is it just me, or does the battery life on this thing suck? When I use the mail app to check my email, or if I do some twittering, or if I use Beejive for a little, the battery will go down like 10 percent in less than 10 minutes. Is this normal? I have SSH disabled too, along with 3G and...
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    Notes aren't saving...

    Lately, my notes haven't been saving. I'll make a new note, click on Done, go back to my notes page, and it isn't there. The last time I did something with the notes were a few weeks ago when I used the iPhone PC suite to sync some notes from my computer.
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    "An update to the carrier settings for your iPhone..."

    I opened up iTunes and it says: I read some stuff and people say that it's safe for jailbroken iPhones...could anyone else confirm this?
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    Can I delete these files?

    I was wondering which one of these I could delete: I updated to 2.2.1 from 2.2 and it had duplicated folders. I looked in some and delete the ones I knew were from 2.2, but for some of these, I'm not sure. I looked at the dates of the folders/files within, but I could determine which I should...
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    How fast is YOUR WiFi?

    How fast is your Wifi speeds on your iPhone or iPod Touch? NOT YOUR COMPUTER! Please post: Your method of testing. Your download speed (in kb/s). Your upload speed (in kb/s). Device model (iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2G, etc). Your maximum down/up speeds available. I get 300~kb/s down, 30kb/s upon...
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    Dust/Dirt in Headphone Jack?

    I think the problem that happened with my original iPhone 3G (with the music randomly starting/stopping) is that there was a bunch of dust and junk in the headphone jack because I leave it in my pocket most of the time. Could this possibly have been why the phone was acting weird? I hope it...
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    What songs make good ringtones?

    What are some good songs I should make ringtones out of? I had about 8 alright ones but I deleted them without backing them up. They could be modern/classic rock/metal, rap, etc. The ones I had got old really fast.
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    Default "About This Mac" Image

    Could someone with Mac OS X Leopard go to: /system/library/coreservices/loginwindow/contents/Resources/ and send me the "MacOSX.tif" file? THANKS!
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    Some Upgrade Questions

    When 2.2.1 is jailbroken, how would I go about upgrading to it without losing all my jailbroken mods and apps? I REALLY don't want to put all my stuff back on. "Why don't you just wait till 2.3?" Because I want to stay updated, and I want Safari to be more stable.