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  1. iphonenotify

    Will you camp?

    Its just ridiculously fun.:tounge:
  2. iphonenotify

    Will The iPhone be available immediately following WWDC?

    Fox knows what we know.:2cool:
  3. iphonenotify

    Christmas morning in 3 days!

    Nah, just too much traffic. Can anyone bring up the cache?
  4. iphonenotify

    3G iPhone - LEAKED PICTURE!

    Haha. Too much traffic for the server to handle.:wink:
  5. iphonenotify

    Will you camp?

    Bugs are fixed with firmware, that is not a reason to wait. Happy Birthday though.:tounge:
  6. iphonenotify

    Will you camp?

    It was so fun!
  7. iphonenotify

    New Camping Plans with Release of iPhone 2.0

    Camping is fun! I camped last year, and it was the best 4 days of my life. No joke.:tounge:
  8. iphonenotify

    How to efficiently track your iPhone?

    Did you try the twitter application? Hope that helps.:foot:
  9. iphonenotify

    How much are you willing to pay for the new iPhone?

    I would have to agree with you. Although I would not like to spend that much, if I have to I will. iPhone is my life.:foot:
  10. iphonenotify

    No Video conferencing, no buy for me!

    With a camera in the front the phone will look ugly. Apple will not do it. It is just a phone, what do you expect it to do? Video conferencing is not necessary in my opinion. I will not use it. Though I would like iChat.:tounge:
  11. iphonenotify

    WWDC live stream link here for june 9th

    Thats a liveblog, not streaming video. Too bad there are no streaming video sites. If were there it would be awesome.
  12. iphonenotify

    Will you camp?

    Funny you said that, last time we camped we were confused from homeless people. Some ladies wanted to give us money. I was kind of angry.
  13. iphonenotify

    First real pic of 3G iPhone back?

    Looks like another 1st gen iPhone case to me.:(
  14. iphonenotify

    3G vs Edge missed calls while surfing?

    Remember me?:2cool:
  15. iphonenotify

    Will The iPhone be available immediately following WWDC?

    Or will he just introduce it and give it a launch date?:foot:
  16. iphonenotify

    Will you camp?

    Last year I camped in front of the Pasadena store. I was first in line to get the iPhone. Will you camp for the 3G phone? I might...:tounge:
  17. iphonenotify

    New Voice Or Text Message Sound Not Working

    go into settings>sounds, and then check if they are turned on.
  18. iphonenotify

    99 cent iPhones!

  19. iphonenotify

    99 cent iPhones!

    9 of them to be precise. At the 99 cents only store tomorrow, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the company. I was going to go but got there too late. DAMN!
  20. iphonenotify

    No point to "send to web gallery!"

    yes, you may have a point. I'm a teen who grew up with electronics. All I'm saying is that, I'm not impressed cause its nothing new within the iPhone itself, but a change within .mac. If .Mac always had this capability then since the day we got the iPhone we could sent photos this way. Its...