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  1. JDem

    iPhone 8 Touch ID not "opening" my iPhone 8+

    Not sure where to post this as I do not know if it is an iOS 11.0.3 issue or an iPhone 8+ issue. (I'd been travelling and didn't pick up my phone till the day 11.0.3 was released so I updated in the store) It seems that when the phone has been dormant for about a minute (any evidence of time is...
  2. JDem

    Send my location - random location shares

    Hello all and thank you in advance. I have a friend who sent me their location via iMessage on Saturday evening. When I asked why they did it, they claimed to have no knowledge of even how to do it and claimed the phone did it on its own. Has anyone had this happen or even heard of it happening...
  3. JDem

    PayPal is not supported on this device?

    So update to 7.1.1 yesterday, and today I cannot buy Apps or Music in iTunes anymore. The message is as follows: PAYMENT TYPE PayPal is not supported on this device. To manage or change your payment method, go to the iTunes Store on your computer. There's a billing problem with a previous...
  4. JDem

    iTunes outage?

    Since about 1am I've been unable to download anything from iTunes music or apps. Been scouring the web trying to find anything about it with no success. I guess my question is, could this just be me? I've got no indication that anything is wrong with my account...I can get in I just can't...
  5. JDem

    Notification not working correctly!

    I've looked in a few other locations and I am having a hard time finding anyone else with the same issues. Since iOS 6 update, I am seeing the following: - SMS and iMessage notifications only work about 15% of the time. - Facebook push notifications have no audio. - Email only notifies me...
  6. JDem

    Voice to text not working?

    I was wondering if anybody else is experiencing problems with voice to text? Siri works fine so it can't be the mic...voice to text simple does not work any more!
  7. JDem

    Facebook App uploads

    Sorry to post another Facebook thread as I see the one started by reginaalear, but I am fairly certain that it is "permissions related" and I was hoping someone might know where/how to fix. Obviously we all are aware at this point that some people are experiencing an issue with FB where we post...
  8. JDem

    Capacitive touch calibration?

    Faulty Capcacitive touch? I truly apologize if this has been asked and answered but I searched both the iPhone 4 and Verizon iPhone 4 threads and I cannot find anything on this. I am noticing what appears to be a calibration issue with the capacitive touch areas on the upper part of the...