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  1. isal

    Question regarding NAS storage and routers.

    Hey! I have a Belkin PlayMax router that supports NAS storage, but the NAS performance is next to pathetic (~3.5Mb/s). I was planning to buy a WD Live External HDD which also connects to a router. Considering that the drive supports NAS itself will it still rely on the router's network...
  2. isal

    MacBook Pro Morphing Airport Express MAC Address

    So my university internet (ResNet) does not permit wireless routers. I need to use more than one computer so I was looking to set my my Airport Express. But registering the Airport Express directly as-it-is does no successfuly go through. Is there a way I can trick the ResNet router to...
  3. isal

    iPad 4.3 GM Jailbreak

    So i was able to successfuly jailbreak the 4.3 GM and got Cydia. Now Cydia does not open until one boots tethered. But I'm unable to boot tethered. I'm using Terminal and passing in the tetheredboot folder. sudo -s Users/name/Desktop/tetheredboot ./<the three files> It passes the...
  4. isal

    HTPC Question

    So I just got my new television. I'm tired of connection my Mac to it all the time. I wanted to build/buy a cheap HTPC and have permanently connected. Any suggestions? Preferably under $250. I have an old laptop whose power supply does not work anymore, so I have a Intel Core Duo, 2 GB RAM...
  5. isal

    Just got an iPad, what case are you guys using?

    I'm confused as to what to put my new little toy in. I've tried the Apple Case, and not a big fan. What are you guys using?
  6. isal

    Downgrade 4.2 to 3.2.2

    So I know, you can downgrade 4.2 GM to 3.2.2 using the SHSH's from Cydia. I was wondering if I would still be able to jailbreak after I downgrade? I see no reason why not, but if anyone has more info, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!
  7. isal

    In-Ear Headphones

    I need to urgently purchase a pair of headphones, here's what I've been looking at: Shure 210 and Shure 310 Kips S4 and X5 Bose In-Ear I'm not a audiophile, I want something which has good bass and is loud! I usually listed to RnB and soft rock. Any help will be greatly appreciated...
  8. isal

    iPhone 3GS, stuck at restore. What to do?

    My iPhone is stuck in "Connect to iTunes" mode. It had a tethered jailbreak. I tried connecting and re-jailbreaking with Blackra1n, but no luck. I don't have my files stored on Cydia since I just got my phone today, it still said "request pending" on Cydia when I last saw it. I tried downloading...
  9. isal

    Suggestions needed for a MacBook Pro

    I'm replacing my current Aluminium MacBook to possibly a 15" MacBook Pro. I plan on using some Photoshop, Final Cut and maybe some Aperture in the future. Would the second best 15" be good enough for all that? Or should I go for the higher end one. Basic differences are the slightly more...
  10. isal

    Center part of the screen becomes unresponsive

    It has happened to me three times. The center part of the screen, close to where the letter "t" is becomes unresponsive. Nothing around that part works on any applications. Once I restart it starts working again. Is it a software or hardware issue? I am on 3.1 and jailbroken. Thanks!
  11. isal

    Waves on new monitor

    I just bought a new monitor to go with my Unibody-MacBook. It's connected via a Mini-Display Port to VGA adapter. I am getting constant waves on the screen. Should this be happening? Will DVI make a difference as opposed to VGA? Oh and it's a Benq E2200HD. Thanks!
  12. isal

    Apple Store interview for Mac Specialist

    So after more than a year of applying to Apple, I finally get an email for a group interview. Had it last night and now I have a final interview with the store manager next week. Does anyone have any tips? Any experience? Thanks!
  13. isal

    MacBook Fluctuating startup and shutdown time

    I have a Unibody MacBook. I noticed a major difference in the startup and shut down time when i have it plugged in and when when I'm running on battey. It's much quicker when plugged in. I checked some computers at work and I did not notice a difference. Should I take it to the Apple Store or...
  14. isal

    MobileMe Question

    I recently got a job at a company that is also an Apple Reseller. So I had to an Apple training module where I can get free MobileMe subscription for a year from Apple. It's gonna take another 2 weeks for me to get the code. My question is that if I sign up for a free 60 day trial, can I...
  15. isal

    Interview for Apple's Campus Representative Program

    So, I have an interview tomorrow for Apple's Campus Rep Program. Does anyone have any experience? Any advise? Thanks!
  16. isal

    I need a little help...

    A guy is offering to trade a MacBook Pro + $400 for my Unibody MacBook. MacBook Pro 2006 model: My MacBook...
  17. isal

    Snow Leopard ships friday!

    Mac OSX 10.6 is shipping Friday. One can pre-order on Apple's website!
  18. isal

    BAD Rogers!

    Rogers just increased the hardware upgrade eligibility to two years for non-smartphones, it used to be one up until last week. I wanted to use my girlfriend's upgrade to get the next iPhone (Summer 2010). She was suppose to be eligible for an upgrade on the 3rd of September this year, now...
  19. isal

    iPhone rattles near the camera

    I just got my iPhone 3G S replaced today due to WiFi issues. The new phone rattles slightly near the camera when I shake it and I can feel the camera hardware slightly sticking out. The camera works fine. I know my previous phone did not do that. Should I go back to the store or do as the...
  20. isal

    Connect MacBook to TV

    I have a MacBook that I want to connect to my old TV. The TV has the three red, white and yellow jacks. Is there a way to connect the two?