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  1. reilly09

    Selling my 3G and to clear all of my stuff off

    Okay, so I got the new iPhone 4 and I am selling my 3G to a friend. I need to get all of my old stuff off it though. How do I go about clearing it off? If I go to the AT&T store will they be able to do it for me?
  2. reilly09

    Any tips on whether a new iPhone is in the near future

    Hey guys, I have not been around in a while, busy with school and work. But I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about a new iPhone coming out in the near future? I am eligible for an upgrade in April 2010, and was considering upgrading to the 3GS, but I don' want to do that if a new...
  3. reilly09

    A holster for the Capsule Rebel case

    Good morning everyone. I have an iPhone 3G with a capsule rebel case on it. I have been trying to get the switcheasy vision2 clip, but for the last couple weeks the web site is saying it is out of stock. I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions for holsters that will fit the...
  4. reilly09

    Syncing Google contacts and Calendar

    I have been putting my calendar in two different places each separately. I put the calendar in my phone and then manually put them in google calendar through gmail. I was wondering if I could sync my gmail calendar and contacts with my iPhone at one time, and will I will be able to sync with...
  5. reilly09

    Making and receiving calls from iPhone

    Okay so about 3 days ago my roommate and I both started having problems making and receiving calls with our phones. When we tried to call out, it said call failed. When we were receiving incoming calls, the call would drop. After rebooting the phones, several conversations with AT&T techincal...
  6. reilly09

    Trying to use purchased iTunes song as ringtone

    I have tried to download a song from iTunes that I want to make into a ringtone, but iTunes will not recognize it. It says it is purchased and processing the file, but does nothing after that. I have bought the song a couple times thinking it was that particular source, but nothing helps. How...
  7. reilly09

    Virus Protection

    I have Norton 360 on my PC for virus scanning and protection. I was wondering if there is an app available to protect my iPhone 3G?
  8. reilly09

    Help with finding a cae

    Okay, so I got my Otterbox case and holster in the mail today, and I am very disappointed. The case itself is fine, however the holster totally defeats the purpose. It is so loose, even with just walking through my house, the phone fell out of the holster. That was without even any major...
  9. reilly09

    Protective case for my iPhone 3G

    Hey guys. I am very nervous about something happening to my phone. I am a fairly active individual with two dogs who love to go for walks, and I go to the gym. I also work in health care. I have a holster for my phone, but i am thinking of getting a hard case and new holster to better...