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  1. Spikefood

    Software 2.0

    Anyone know officially when its going to be available to the public to download?
  2. Spikefood

    Legitimate 3G News !
  3. Spikefood

    Fun Game

    So I just found a fun text based game on Macforums (link to post: The website is: Come join me on world 4, we need to build up an alliance. My kingdom name is onslaught. (reason im posting this is because the game is...
  4. Spikefood

    Is it just me or...

    Is it just me or am I the only one that is absolutely in love with the way the iPhone notifies you of new messages. The little red bubble, I just text people sometimes to get the little red bubble. Its just so well done. That is all I wanted to say. :tounge:
  5. Spikefood

    Little help needed

    I just jailbreaked my 1.1.4 iPhone a little while ago and was trying to do a restore so I first hit the "Refurbish" key in ZiPhone but it keeps getting stuck. I trying restoring through iTunes but it keeps giving me an error about how the phone failed to be able to restore. Any help would be...
  6. Spikefood

    Thinking of Buying a Colorware iPhone

    Well I'm looking to buy a Colorware iPhone and wanted to know what everyone thought of my options. Vote for the one you like the best. 1.
  7. Spikefood

    Apple patent hints at "advanced multitouch," iPhone copy / paste

    It seems that after this little gem we might see copy paste after all.
  8. Spikefood

    Need some advanced help

    Look at this picture. I can't seem to get my iPhone to sync its photos to my PC (they may be getting uploaded somewhere, but I don't know where). Any ideas?
  9. Spikefood

    Pictures off iPhone

    Where in the world does the iPhone save its pictures that I've taken onto my computer? I can't seem to find them. =/
  10. Spikefood

    Best AOL Instant Messanger for iPhone

    So far I've used Jivetalk, and meebo. What I was wondering is which ones work better on edge vs wifi. And what other sites would you recommend?
  11. Spikefood

    Touch Screen

    At time when I go to the home page some icons I have to push 3-6 times for it to work. Is this a problem where I can get the phone replaced? Its random and maybe happens 2-4 times a day. I just don't know if I go to the Apple store if they will believe me. Its not easily repeated when the guy at...
  12. Spikefood

    Installing third party apps

    Will installing third party apps void my contract? Also if it does will doing a full restore make it look like I never installed the apps? Does 1.1.2 make it harder to install these apps? Also how do I install these apps? Sorry for all the noob questions.
  13. Spikefood

    Leopard for the iPhone

    Will leopard be coming out on the iPhone tonight or does Apple have no plans to upgrade the iPhones to the new os?
  14. Spikefood

    Favorite Feature

    There are many features on the iPhone that fits different people's needs. When it comes to you, what feature is your favorite? If you want you can add an ordered list of your favorites. Also, besides the main features what other things do you like? For me my favorite feature would be the sms...