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    iPhone 7 case ordered ?

    That buypeel case looks cool. The glass screen protector they have looks nice too. I don't see it offered for 7 & 7Plus yet. Which screen protector are you going with?
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    iPhone 7 case ordered ?

    Link didn't work...
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    iPhone 7 case ordered ?

    I like that slim fit Spigen...might get one, at least while I'm waiting on the Nodus. I preordered one of these in the green leather. I thought it looked pretty cool, and not one you'll see everyday.
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    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 preorder thread

    iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Jet Black Ordered around 6AM launch day. Projected delivery went from NA, to Oct, and now to, "Ships: November."
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    Looking for large sized aftermarket watch bands

    Thanks, Baller. I've seen it mentioned a few times that while the 7Plus has the same dimensions, many cases from its predecessor won't fit it because of the new camera lenses. Been doing a lot of Googling to try and figure out with out finding anything suggesting the Series 1 bands will or...
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    Looking for large sized aftermarket watch bands

    I'm thinking about getting a new Series 2. This would be my first Apple Watch. I have large wrists (about 230mm), and I'm not finding much on Apple's site that would work for me. For the Series 1, though, there is a decent aftermarket selection out there. Are straps for Series 1 compatible...
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    AT&T saying they are not bumping contracts

    I just tried listing it, but couldn't "save" the listing. Since it's my only phone, I don't want to get rid of it until I get the new 5. I looked at other listings, and it seemed like they all are pretty much shipping now. Guess I'll wait until it's en route, then list the old one then. Thanks!
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    AT&T saying they are not bumping contracts

    Really? Recently? I just looked and it looks like they're going for closer to $200. Was yours jailbroken?
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    AT&T saying they are not bumping contracts

    I've got a black 32GB iPhone 4 (no "S") with AT&T. I just looked and to get a 64GB iPhone 5, it would be $649 unless I wait until March, 2013. Is there a market for my old phone? It's not jailbroken, and to be honest, I'm not a "techy" guy, so I've got no clue how to do that. Any...
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    Any review on the Vapor Pro "Black Ops" Element Case?

    Got mine today through Amazon. Liking it so far...
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    Os 4.0?

    For some reason after I installed 4.0, I can no longer play World Poker Tour. Also, Weather Bug crashes a lot. The 4.01 update did nothing to fix these 2 issues?
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    Poll: Are you buying the Apple iPad?

    I voted yes...been wanting a Kindle type reader but Kindles are not backlit. My guess is I will be able to read ebooks with this in the dark in bed (so as not to disturb wifey). All the other stuff will make it like a glorified e-reader for me.
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    Car Kit...TomTom vs Magellan?

    Thanks for the well thought out reply...very helpful!
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    Car Kit...TomTom vs Magellan?

    I've been waiting for the Magellan car kit to come out and will probably go for it. Just wanted to hear first from anyone that has the TomTom and make sure I'm making the right choice. I've searched older threads and know that many here don't like these due to the cost. I just think having...
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    Navigon on sale for 10 days.

    It's definitely good...bummer I just bought it at full price though
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    Altec Lansing BackBeat 906 mini review

    I just ordered the 903's...hopefully a little sweat doesn't mess 'em up right away...uh oh
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    Navigon Car Kit just released

    I've got the tomtom car kit on order from!ORDERID! $89 seems reasonable compared to retail. It is on backorder though until Dec 1.
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    TomTom App updated!

    All the reviews I read (prior to this update) seemed to favor Navigon. I don't see paying for another premium gps navigation app now that I already purchased Navigon. Hopefully whatever this added that Navigon does not already have will be added by Navigon.
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    Navigon Car Kit just released "We had a feeling that the car kit would make a bigger impact on the smaller streets, so to prove this we ran a torture test in Central London: we left the route planner on and drove around small streets randomly to test the...