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  1. nujsimon

    Why do we leave iOS?

    yes because the number includes the cheapest to the most expensive models and brands of Androids. A better survey is to ask "if they can afford any smartphone, what brand/model would they choose". For sure, many get a non-iphone, because its what they could only afford. Sent using iCafe app
  2. nujsimon

    Why do you have an iPhone 5?

    Bday gift (dec) from my wife but hoping to be given a 5s, as gift this dec, as only around dec when new Apple devices are available in my country. Thats life :) Sent using iCafe app on my iPad
  3. nujsimon

    iPhone 5 Discontinued, Will It Be In Demand?

    So what if they are dumping the iP5, as I don't need a new one. My iP5 has been doing what it should do, and so Im not so keen in getting the 5S immediately. Ill wait for actual user reviews of the 5S and wait if its worth upgrading. Sent using iCafe app on my iPad
  4. nujsimon

    iPhone 5S model number to be A1533?

    New phone as 5s and not 5S so as not to be read as "55", as to 5c, just to be unifrom for new models :) Sent using iCafe app on my iPad
  5. nujsimon

    Disappointed with iPhone 5s

    I hope most of the new features of iOS7 can run on the ip5, if not, then its a 5s for me. Sent using iCafe app on my iPad
  6. nujsimon

    Probability of iWatch being waterproof?

    Car battery powered :) Sent using iCafe app on my iPad
  7. nujsimon

    Are you getting the 5S, or waiting for the 6?

    Im might get the 5S when the ip6 comes out :) Honestly, I can do with the iPhone 4, so little difference with my present ip5. Sent using iCafe app on my iPad
  8. nujsimon

    Screen Size Comparison

    They can put the home button on the side near thr volume buttons, then thr space can be utilized :) Sent using iCafe app on my iPad
  9. nujsimon

    iOS 7 - Signal dots or bars?

    Why not just use numerals to show signal strength. It would use almost the same space as long as they range from 1 - 5 or as long as not reaching 10 (single digit). :) Sent using iCafe app on my iPad
  10. nujsimon

    Apps That Don't Work in iOS 7

    isn't it that Ios7 issues should not be discussed in any forum as this is on beta state? Sent using iCafe app
  11. nujsimon

    Crashing apps

    Maybe the device is low on memory. Reset your ipad. Sent using iCafe app
  12. nujsimon

    2nd iPhone 5

    wives? Or you mean wife's? Hehehe .... Just bored Sent using iCafe app
  13. nujsimon

    Low cost iPhones

    Maybe Apple will rebrand these low cost phones as sour Apples :) Sent using iCafe app
  14. nujsimon

    Buy iPhone now or wait

    Buy Sent using iCafe app
  15. nujsimon

    SIM CARD question

    aT&T has official unlock facility, but Im not sure if your 4S is eligible for this. If so, then she can just buy local micro sim to make calls or messages. But through wifi, you can make facetime,viber or skype calls and also imsg. Sent using iCafe app
  16. nujsimon

    Apple iPhone 5S vs Apple iPhone 5

    If the 5s or iP6 comes out with at least these specs, Im sure that Im getting the new device even if I have the iP5 right now. Sent using iCafe app
  17. nujsimon

    Otterbox has acquired LifeProof

    No one can ever predict when their phone gets soaked or dumped into water or any liquid. I just wish that they can make waterproof cases a little cheaper say $25-50 only with different colors so people will buy a couple or more cases. Sent using iCafe app
  18. nujsimon

    Are you getting the 5S, or waiting for the 6?

    How can we answer this thread's question when we don't know the features yet of both future devices. Sent using iCafe app
  19. nujsimon

    AT&T iPhone 5 problem switch between WiFi and LTE

    Its your telco's system which is quite similar to mine. Sent using iCafe app on my iPad
  20. nujsimon

    Apple ID on downloaded apps

    Just redownload or rebuy the apps its easier assuming the apps are not that expensive. Sent using iCafe app on my iPad