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  1. KentWK

    Cydia app-icon deleted.

    I've deleted the Cydia app-icon by accident... And i cant get it back. Tried jo jailbreak again, but cant, cause it is jailbroken already... What to dó
  2. KentWK

    New update?

    Does anyone know, when there might come a new update IOS 5.. My battery is still very bad, after last update.
  3. KentWK

    Ios 5 features

    If you found some great features in the new ios 5, pleace share them here. There might be a lot of stuff, you'll never find on your own. Thats how it is for me, i know for sure. And thanks for sharing.
  4. KentWK

    Can I edit photos on iPhone 4 using iOS 5?

    Does anybody know if you can or cant edit photos on iPhone 4, with ios 5? Or is that only for the iPhone 4s?