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    When trying to backup iPhone 6 Plus get iPhone disconnected message

    Nevermind. This appeared to be the cable. Never had the issue with my 5s, but it worked as soon as I used the cable that came with the 6 plus.
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    When trying to backup iPhone 6 Plus get iPhone disconnected message

    So, I just turned in my leased 5s, and got a 6 Plus. Everything restored just fine. I wanted to perform a sync, and backup afterwards for good measure. During which right in the middle of it I get message that the backup or sync cannot discontinue, because the iphone has disconnected.....but it...
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    This iPhone fixes every last issue I had with V1 and 3G

    There is still 3 issues. MMS...coming in late summer....allowing tethering in the US..if ATT ever let's us do it, and a flash on the camera. With those 3 things the iPhone would be the ultimate pda/smartphone/multimedia phone.
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    Who ordered from AT&T and have you got shipped date yet?

    I received my ship notification last night. Expected delivery is 3pm!
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    [OLD] How to save 35% on the new iPhone using msn live

    And I can live with that. I spoke to their support people and yes it is a 60 day verification period. You'll get the money back, just not right away. It's like a mail in rebate without having to mail anything in as far as time goes.
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    [OLD] How to save 35% on the new iPhone using msn live

    I made my purchase through bing last week. I did a new phone purcahse, not an upgrade as I have a buyer for my 3g, and they will b taking over the last year of the contract. I did not see my cashback for two days, and as it states on their site, if you don't see it after two days contact them...
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    My first iPhone bill with AT&T for my 3G iPhone

    The first months bill is pro-rated, so it's a bit higher.
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    Another iPhone in Summer of 2009?

    To a person who is not an iPhone owner. Not being biased about Apple, or just having to have the next tech gadget, would you recommend buying one. Also, consider this. I just bought a Samsung Instinct through Sprint. I'm in a 30 day window right now where I can cancel my account without any...
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    Hmm...I went in and had them run a credit check. I do not require a deposit. I believe this is a case by case basis.
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    Had my iPhone since Sept of I get the 8gb for $199?

    Ok great. Thanks for the clarification, I was worried for a second.
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    Had my iPhone since Sept of I get the 8gb for $199?

    I'm trying to clarify something hear. Right now I am not with ATT, but I am thinking about purchasing an iPhone. Are you guys saying that the iPhone 3G will only be 199 to existing ATT/iPhone users? If so, how much will it be for new customers. I'm in a 30 day grace period with Sprint using...
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    Tired of attacks against AT&T as being "dishonest" about the new iPhone price

    How old are you? You sound like you are generation Y? Somehow you feel entitled to have a product made for YOU to solve your specific problem. That's not how a businesss operates. Apple decided to make a v2 phone that upgraded some features and fixed some bugs of the first generation. ATT then...
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    ETF Payoff by other Service Providers

    Currently my Corporate Sprint rep got a $250 credit approved for me to switch over from Verizon. I have a pro-rated ETF of $90. I pay that then the credit covers the cost of my phone. So, I pay it up front, then with the everything plan and my discount I have 4 months of service free with part...
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    iPhone curse!

    What he's saying is he wants communication from the company about WHY these features aren't included. He never said anything about Apple promising those features and then not delivering. He wants to know why these supposed super devices lack really basic features. And, unless he gets a REALLY...
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    What is much better iPhone or Nokia N95

    Do not give up your N 95....period. Not yet at least. The iPhone has some work to do before it's a better device than the N95.
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    Apple Approving 3rd Party Apps - Finally

    HA! Not yet guys. Keep on improving and it MIGHT be.
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    Apple has only made one mistake with the iPhone.

    IMO Apple made a few mistakes. Whether they marketed as a PDA replacement or not the functionality is that of a Smartphone/PDA, so it goes in the Smartphone/PDA category, which means it needs to have ALL the functionality of the standard smartphones and many PDA's and THEN add the great...
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    N95+Touch or iPhone

    You'd be crazy to go from an N95 to an'd also be very unhappy afterwards.
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    Exporting iPhones

    There may not be a law for exporting the phone, but there are laws for data and data encryption. Abroad is only allowed 64 bit encryption I believe, or something like that. I'm trying to remember this off the top of my head. So, as long as the internet feed isn't using an encryption level...
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    Risking my body for my iPhone

    Age has nothing to do with long lasting damage to a body part. You will heal fast now, but it just might creep up on you in your late 20's to 30. I just turned 30. Hurt my knees at 12 years old, found out recently worse than I thought. Just in the last few years have I been feeling the...