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    In Store Pickup

    Has anyone done this yet with the iPhone 4S? I just need to know what steps to take for in store pick up before I lose this pre order? Please help
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    Live Wall Paper App

    I just want a simple app that shows me a list of different live wallpapers for the iPhone 4. Previews of these apps would be cool but if not it's not a deal breaker. Can someone provide me with a few names of apps that do this and more importantly how to install them through Cydia and how to...
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    Annoying Pop Up "Password Incorrect: Enter voicemail password"

    This crap keeps popping up every 5 seconds. I haven't even set up voicemail yet and I don't remember needing a password to access my voicemail on my 3GS! Can someone help me remove this annoying crap?
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    YouTube HD & iPhone 4

    Does YouTube HD work on the iPhone it even an option.
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    Questions about SIM to microSIM Transition...

    So the 3GS used a SIM card obviously. And the new iPhone will use microSIM. What does this mean in terms of upgrade? I guess I just want to know the process that will occur in store. Will they connect your current phone to the new one and transfer the data from the big old SIM card to the...
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    Engadget: iPhone 4 "Best Smartphone on the Market"

    Read it and weep fAndroids.... Apple has done it yet again....anyone receive theirs today? I'm so jealous. Will be camping out midnight on Wednesday night....
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    Possible to downgrade from 3.1.3 to 3.0?

    I have an iPhone 3GS with the latest firmware. Is there any possible way to downgrade to the original firmware that my iPhone came with? If I perform a hard reset and wipe off everything will that downgrade it to the original firmware?
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    Quick Question about Discounts on Plan

    If I get a discount on my PLAN (not the phone itself) do I have to purchase the new iPhone from AT&T? I think I read another post on another forum saying that if you got a discount on the phone then that mean you had to purchase it from AT&T. But I'm not sure if that extends to the plan.
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    How do Pre Orders Work?

    How much do you need to put down to get a preorder and save one for yourself on Launch Day. More importantly if I chose to pick it up in the store that means that no matter what the Apple Store HAS to put mine aside correct? It doesn't matter if I camp out in line to be there first thing in...
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    How to completely wipe out 3GS

    Hi I'm about to sell my 3GS and go to my nokia surge before I get the new iPhone 4. How exactly do I go about removing all my personal data from the 3GS? I mean I don't want a trace of it to be left there. Also I've heard something about a MIME or something....that I have to tell AT&T to...
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    Upgrade Questions

    So I know that AT&T will allow me to upgrade to the iPhone 4 as long as I sign on for another 2 years. However my question is this...does my current phone HAVE to be an iPhone in order for this to work? I want to SELL my Black 32 GB iPhone 3GS and transfer my number to an old nokia that I...