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    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    I have been one of the lucky ones. My phone has been perfect from the start and it has a 5 screen. However because my previouse pda phones have all been windows mobile. I like to reset and restore my phone for no reason at all. Well i had done a restore and everything was fine but then a few...
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    I took my iPhone SIM card out and put it in a BlackJack

    People. AT&T employees are clueless they only repeat the garbage given to them by there bosses. There is no way for them to tell what phone you are using. there is no difference with the data on windows mobile and iPhone. the visual voicemail is the only iPhone specific part of the equasion. now...
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    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    The iPhone comes in a nice black cardboard box like thing. do you think if i remove the phone from that i will have a louder speaker? maybee thats been my problem all along. Just kidding guys. my phone has been perfect, i have a phone with the "5" screen maybee the low volume is an issue with...
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    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    BRILLIANT I say, who would have ever guessed that the volume level could be fixed by turning it up. Oh my gosh, next you will tell me you can save the battery by doing something like turning the phone off when you are not using it, now that would be a cool feature.
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    Has any one met other iPhone users in the public?

    Yes, I am the Manager of a Jaguar / Land Rover dealership, and someone came in today with an iPhone. I was p**** off, I smacked it out of his hand and told him to "get the h.e. double hockey sticks out of here you copy cat". Whew that was close. :2cool: I want to be the only one, I always buy...
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    Going nude?

    Every time i get a new device, and i have had allot. I always take some generic screen protectors and wrap the back and sides of the device. That not only saves you from scratches, bit it also gives it a nice grippy feal. All I might say without adding any bulk
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    Question/thought on 3G with iPhone...

    Apples new iPhone 2, 4 inch screen, mms and video recording, 30 gig hd, 3.5g, and a full microsoft office support. only $799.00
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    Question/thought on 3G with iPhone...

    they may be working on hsupa, thats the next new wave in high speed mobile. the new HTC keiser will have edge, hsdpa, and hsupa support. and it seems like AT&T have slowed there 3g service rollout. they may be working on going straight to HSUPA:gasp: