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    No DFU, no restore

    I'm on a jb 1.1.4 1st gen iPhone. Its having a couple of issues, nothing crippling, but still annoying. Thats not my problem tho. What my problem is, is that I want to jump up to the latest firmware. I first tried to upgrade a couple weeks ago. The first thing I did was updated iTunes to 7.7.1...
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    customize home button

    is it possible to double cliick home button and open... Oh, I dunno.... Say, snapture? Or another app of choice?
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    Safari won't stay in dock?

    Im on a ziPhoned 1.1.3. I use poof to hide all icons, except phone, mail, text, and safari. I use eglass for theme. I installed customize in order to get 5 icons going in my dock. Couldn't get it to work. So I gave up. Pretty much right after I notice that the safari icon was out of the dock and...
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    No adds to camera roll?

    I finally jailbroke my 1.1.3 OTB, but for some reason my camera roll under photos isn't showing anything. I'm scanning through peoples wallpapers on the wallpaper app in installer, and whenever I want to add one to either my camera roll, or add to wallpapers, it won't. If I take a pic, it'll add to...
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    barter anyone?

    I hope I don't get busted for this, as I have recently devoted all my time to Apple, and am slowly but surely pulling away from the pc. I have been a fan of touchscreen since my first ipaq pda. I got an asus r2h umpc a couple months ago, but it just doesn't turn me on like the iPhone does, so I...