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    Is there a way for AT&T to not detect your iPhone?

    Is there a way for AT&T to not be able to detect that you have an iPhone on file? I remember long time ago, there was something similar to this where you could like change your imei or something and the account showed you had a different phone? Thank you. :dft010:smiling
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    Putting Photos back to Camera Roll from PC?

    I had to restore my iPhone, so I saved my camera roll pics into a folder on the PC, and after a successful restore I wanted to add the pictures back into the phone. I want to put the pictures back into the Camera Roll folder and not as an album, so I can delete them directly on the Phone if I...
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    If I restore, will I have to go through the activation again?

    i currently have an iPhone 3g with NO data plan (and yes, i'm very happy with it, or else i wouldn't have done it) well strange thing happened, all of my music just disappeared and now i have like 6.95 GB of "Other" and the music doesn't even show under the iPhone 3G in iTunes.. If i restore...
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    So what would At&t do if I told em....

    So I just got my 3G iPhone yesterday, and let's say after 2 weeks, I call in and tell AT&T i broke my iPhone and to cancel the data plan, WILL THEY "DEACTIVATE" or "LOCK THE SERVICE" on the iPhone or just cancel the plan?
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    Ok I KNOW I can cancel the data plan but Can I?

    Ok, I know for a fact that AT&T allows you to cancel the $30 data plan anytime you want with NO penalties, but I wanted to know, is the 3G iPhone unlockable? As in, I know people avoided the data plan for the first iPhone by unlocking it and just using wifi for internet connection, but can we...
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    A Youtube alternative APP in installer?

    Is there an alternative APP in installer to use youtube? My youtube won't work even with the activator fix or anything, so i've just given up, but is there an app i can use similar to youtube on the iPhone? if so, please state the repo/source as well, thanks. btw i'm running 1.1.4 jailbroken
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    Man! What did I do?! I need help ASAP!

    I recently purchased a Jailbroken iPod Touch 1.1.3, and it had everything there, the new software upgraded APPS, and it was jailbroken and everything, but today, I accidentally updated it to 1.1.4, so I ran the 1.1.4 ZiPhone, and now my iPhones jailbroken 1.1.4, but here lie a few problems: 1...
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    Can someone answer this question please?

    I just discovered that I am eligible for the new 3G iPhone as the discounted price, but my question is.. Let's say on July 11th I walk out with a new 3G iPhone with the $30/month data plan, and a month or 2 later, I lost the iPhone or "damaged" it, wouldn't it seem fair enough to CANCEL the...
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    Can this iPhone be fixed?
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    Couple of questions about my iPhone without a data plan...

    I just canceled my $20/month data plan for the iPhone, and I currently don't have any data plan on it, just a $30/month unlimited family text message plan. Now my question is... Since I don't have the data plan, I know i'll be charged for using EGDE internet (that's why I won't be using it)...
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    I don't want to let the iPhone go.. but.... (Please help...)

    I've had an iPhone since like day 1, and it's been awesome, but now I am getting more and more into texting, so I bought the $20 Unlimited texting plan, but with the iPhone requiring $20 for data plan already, the bills getting too heavy for me (I am a teenager so yes...) just last week, I...
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    How to Update a 1.1.1 Jailbroken iPhone to 1.1.2 Jailbroken iPhone?

    Well in the morning I had 1.1.3 Not modded. I then successfuly downgraded to 1.1.1, but I can't seem to UPDATE IT TO 1.1.2! I've tried way too many times now, every time I do it, after the "update" iTunes simply tells me it couldn't update.. and my iPhone gets stuck in DISK MODE .. SO THEN I...
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    What is my best bet? Will appreciate immediate responses.

    i bought my 8gb iPhone as a 1.1.2, and updated it to a 1.1.3. i am an AT&T member with a data plan. i want to jailbreak/unlock the 8gb iPhone and sell it on ebay for some profit (since unlocked iPhones are going over 450-500).. i want to sell the 8gb jailbroken/unlocked iPhone, so i would have...
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    Play iPhone in Car Stereo.. With no static?

    I bought this $15 FM transmitter from Target and I guess it works but.. it has ALOT of static.. Is there an alternative to playing crystal clear music in the car with the iPhone? I don't have a Cassette player. And I don't want to install anything too much. Prefer: something compatible with...
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    Made a big mistake.. or did I?

    I deleted all my songs from the My Music folder, my #1 source for my iTunes music.. Anyways, in my iTunes library, all the songs wouldn't play, because the orginials got deleted, so I deleted everything from iTunes too, so it's like a new copy of iTunes.. Now the problem is.. Whenever I SYNC...