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    Everythingicafe: the community app now available in the app store

    Search for "eic" - you'll see it then. Great job folks! Edit: UK here and i can see it no problem.
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    Earphone/Phone sound issues.

    Max volume is always very quiet lately, never used to be though. It used to work fine, even with volume boost installed. Funny thing is though, when i bought these latest headphones (to replace the ones previous that had the same problem) they worked fine...nice & loud. This is baffling me...
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    iPhone plays only one song!

    Maybe worth syncing again...if not then i'm guessing it'll be a restore.
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    Earphone/Phone sound issues.

    Yep sorry, same issues...
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    i got a iPhone buT

    Lol! - Took me a few seconds to get that...1.30am fatigue at work settling in...
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    Let the surgery begin.....

    That blows bud...but good luck in repairing it! - Will look forward to see the end result! - Piccies!
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    i got a iPhone buT

    As asked by coasts...more info would be useful. Also have you put the SIM card in!
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    Need Help Viewing Website

    Not really sure what could be the problem, but the only thing i can suggest is trying a different browser. Try Opera maybe?
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    Cydia theme sources?

    I believe the OP is looking for links to repositories?!? Any hoo...have a look here >
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    Earphone/Phone sound issues.

    First off not sure if this is accessory based or phone based so plumped for here. For the second time now, my earphones have started to detereorate really badly when it has come to a point that even on full volume it sounds really, REALLY quiet. This is my second pair of skullcandy headphones...
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    iPhone won't turn on after installing Winterboard theme

    Have you tried holding down the Home and power button until it reboots? Also when you connect to iTunes what happens?
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    Speed Up Your iPhone!

    Ok, i've had this installed for a while now, maybe i'm not seeing it but there's just no noticeable difference...
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    Speed Up Your iPhone!

    Thanks for this! :) have installed it on my 3G so will see how we go.
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    What are you listening to?

    The Xx White Lies Both sensational albums from start to finish.
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    How spotlight just saved me a headache.

    Agreed! If it gets you out of a hole just once then you will be forever thankful!
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    Theme does not resize all icons

    Worth remembering too for those themes that you ditch when all thie icons don't match! :)
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    Theme does not resize all icons

    Basic user of WinSCP Genius indeed! - Thankyou ever ever so much!
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    Theme does not resize all icons

    Just for the record, i have removed an app with an un-resized icon, rebooted, reinstalled the app and rebooted again but the icon still has not resized...
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    Theme does not resize all icons

    Hi all, 3G user here, i am Jailbroken and have the Matte Nano theme fro Cydia. Theme is great, but some of my icons are not resized and look bigger than the rest. According to various things i have read, the theme should automatically resize all icons if there is no icon availaible with the...
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    BossPref : SBSettings?

    After Cydia... :)