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    2 year contract. Why?

    I was just thinking the other night about the renewal of the 2 yr contract because of the purchase of the iPhone on day of release. WHY were we required to agree to a new 2 year contract? Other than the "exclusivity" of having an iPhone, there was no other incentive. We all paid full price of...
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    What do you want fixed on your Gen 1 iPhone?

    Thought I'd start a thread here of what changes we'd like to see in software upgrades and/or future models. Here are my wishes so far: 1. Include soft case. 2. Ability to send text to multiple recipients. 3. Create groups in contacts. 4. Allow ringtone assignment for groups. 5. Adjust size of...
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    Is Yahoo! really push email?

    I understand the word "push" as real time email reception, right? Well, I just tested my Yahoo! account and it's not pushing. In other words, email doesn't show up there in real time, it's still governed by the setting on the phone. Can someone confirm or deny that Yahoo! is push email?
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    Password Keeper type app?

    I need an app that will keep all of my passwords both for easy access and added security if I should lose my iPhone. Anyone know of one they can recommend?