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  1. wparisi

    What's your employer's policy on company WiFi?

    I teach part-time at a local university. The university's WiFi is available to all students and staff. It requires a username and password. There are also may AT&T WiFi hotspots on campus if you are an AT&T subscriber, which I am. We do not have LTE in this area (Youngstown, OH), only 4G, so...
  2. wparisi

    Reset Camera Roll Numbering

    RoofMonkey, Thanks for the info. I did see that before. I edited files that track the photo number, but modification does not stay. Maybe doesn't work with iOS 6.1.2.
  3. wparisi

    Reset Camera Roll Numbering

    Is there a way to set the camera roll numbering back to 0? I have an iPhone 5, ios 6.1.2 jailbroken. I tried editing the DCIM_APPLE.plist file located in /var/mobile/Media/PhotoData/MISC, and editing <key>DCIMLastFileNumbe</key> <integer>239</integer? to 0. I save the file, respring, but when I...
  4. wparisi

    Post your favourite iOS 6 compatible tweaks!

    3G Unrestrictor (iOS 5 & 6) Activator AppCent Barrel iFile iWipeCache LockInfo 5 noOTAbadge Pages+ PdaNet (only USB functioning) SBSettings SiriToggles Springtomize 2 - iOS 5 & 6 SprintBoard SwipeShiftCaret WiCarrier Winterboard
  5. wparisi

    Did You Donate to the Evad3rs Team

    I am so glad to have my jailbreak on my iPhone 5. I really missed it when I upgraded from my 4S.I sure do appreciate what they did and are doing. Did you give a donation to them? I did. If just half of us who jailbroke our iPhones, iPads, etc. donate then I am sure they will continue working on...
  6. wparisi

    Its like buying a new phone !. What tweaks are you using?

    3G Unrestrictor (iOS 5 & 6) Activator AppCent Barrel iFile iWipeCache LockInfo 5 noOTAbadge Pages+ PdaNet PdaNet Toggle Remove Background SBSettings SiriToggles Springtomize 2 - iOS 5 & 6 SprintBoard SwipeShiftCaret WiCarrier Winterboard
  7. wparisi

    Where's everyone from ?

    Boardman, OH
  8. wparisi

    How to get your AT&T upgrade fee waived

    I have been with AT&T/Cingular for over ten years. I also get a 15% government discount. I have had no problems getting the activation fee waivered every time.
  9. wparisi

    How to determine when your iPhone 5 was born

    Mine shows: Production week: 37 (September) Factory: C3 (China)
  10. wparisi

    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    I bought a Ballistic case from the local Sam's Club for $15.00.
  11. wparisi

    Why does AT&T charge an activation fee for existing customers who upgrade?

    I am also on AT&T with government discount. I was with Dobson Cellular way before they were bought out by AT&T. I just called and got my activation fee waived.
  12. wparisi

    Notification Settings

    That's what I thought. Now will have to wait for the jailbreak to come out.
  13. wparisi

    Notification Settings

    Is there a way to set Notifications to show more than a 24 hour time span? I would like to see a weekor more of my Calendar appointments and upcoming Reminders in the Notification pull-down screen.
  14. wparisi

    What do you do with your Apple stickers?

    In the box.
  15. wparisi

    Problem Resetting iPhone 4s

    VOLS34, That did not work. I contacted the guy that wants my iPhone and he said iOS6 was OK. I restored from iTunes. About 10 minutes ago he took ownership of the phone.
  16. wparisi

    Problem Resetting iPhone 4s

    I purchased a new iPhone 5 today and want to erase all the data on my iPhone 4s 16 GB before I sell it. It is Jailbroken and on iOS 5.1.1. I went into Settings, etc. and started the Reset. My phone has been showing the round rotating circle for the past 5 hours. I do not want to do a restore...
  17. wparisi

    Ordered via AT&T site? 9/21?

    I guess I'm really out of the running. I preordered mine from the local AT&T store around 12:30 PM on Saturday, September 15. My status shows status of "Processing" with a shipping date of 14-21 businesss days.
  18. wparisi

    Verizon Military Discounts

    I have been getting a military discount for my cell phone ever since I was with AT&T. Many businessses give a 10% discount on purchases. I travel for pleasure quite a bit and many hotel chains give a substantial discounts for active duty and retired military members.
  19. wparisi

    Who's getting the new iPhone? (Poll)

    I can not get a full discount upgrade my iPhone 4s on my current line until May 2013. I have two other lines that are available for upgrade. Yesterday I went into a local AT&T store and used one of those lines to preorder a black iPhone 5 using one of those lines. When it comes in I was told to...
  20. wparisi

    AT&T upgrade date