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    When trying to backup iPhone 6 Plus get iPhone disconnected message

    So, I just turned in my leased 5s, and got a 6 Plus. Everything restored just fine. I wanted to perform a sync, and backup afterwards for good measure. During which right in the middle of it I get message that the backup or sync cannot discontinue, because the iphone has disconnected.....but it...
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    I posted this in a another thread. I wanted others to see it in case they weren't poking around that thread. I thought of a way, and this may have been posted before, forgive me if it has, but try This is a website that allows web browser access to MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Google...
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    You bought an iPhone, but would you buy it again?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums. I was on the fence about buying an iPhone. I actually did some research, bought one, held on to it for two days, did not open the package, then returned it after further review. I would like to know everyone's opinion. Knowing the phone isn't 3G, and...