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  1. Tug

    Is Pangu more reliable on the iPhone 4S or the 5?

    I currently have both but Im not using the iPhone 5 because the 4S WAS j/b. This morning I tried to install an older backup on the 4S and sure as chit it locked up on me, I was having such a hard time getting it to the DFU mode I thought I bricked the phone. Luckily I finally got it into the DFU...
  2. Tug

    Bluetooth stereo earbuds

    I just purchased a pair of LG Tone 730's for my iPhone 5 and I should have done my homework first as these headsets aren't compatible with my iPhone. Can anyone offer some suggestions on a set that actually work with the iPhone 5? Thanks Also, mods I tried to change my password and I kept...
  3. Tug

    Which case to get

    I currently have an Otterbox defender on my iPhone which works great but I'm kind of tired of using the holster and would like a case that will that isn't bulky, protects the phone and slide in and out of my pocket with ease. I had t-mobile put a pretty thick screen protector so the case I get...
  4. Tug

    How do I send and receive texts on iPad?

    I'd really like to start sending and receiving texts on my ipad. Any suggestions? Thanks again
  5. Tug

    iOS 6.1.2

    I'm still running 6.1.2, w/jb, the only reason why I haven't upgraded to 7.0.4 yet is because I don't want to lose the apps I paid for off cydia. I deleted the gmail email addy that I originally used when I purchased the apps so using that email address to download the previous purchased apps...
  6. Tug

    Lost Spotlight

    Im feeling pretty stupid right about now but I installed a program off Cydia and one of the options was to hide the Spot Light page. Beings I never use it I hid it now I cant find the program that I used so I can enable it, suggestions? Also, I left my wife as in divorcing her. When I left in...
  7. Tug

    Need Help with iExplorer

    I've posted questions in the past concerning my 15 year old daughter and all the headaches she's giving my wife and I. Were at our wits end concerning her honesty when it comes whose shes associating with and the only way we can only tell is by her iPhone. I purchased iExplorer so I can get a...
  8. Tug

    Synching Question

    When IOS 6.1.3 first came out I received a message on my computer asking me if I wanted to upgrade to the new IOS. Not wanting to lose my newly installed jailbreak I said NO and not to ask me again. I downloaded some new songs and want to install them on my iPhone but am worried that during the...
  9. Tug

    Bluetooth headset

    A thousand apologies if I posted this on the wrong section, its been a long day of shoveling snow and Im beyond tired. Anyway, I just purchased an iPhone 5 and am looking for a new bluetooth headset, I'd prefer the ear bud type that actually go in the ear canal. I had the Voyager pro at one time...
  10. Tug

    iTunes error message

    As many of you know Im new to the world of jailbreaking but I've been doing quite a bit of reading and am getting a better grasp on it. Im currently trying to downgrade from IOS 6.0.1 to 5.0.1 through iTunes. I've downloaded Restore ipsw 3,3_5.1.1.1_9b206 but whenever I try to restore iTunes...
  11. Tug

    What does Verizon consider heavy data usage?

    Is 12 mega bytes a lot of data usage for a one time occurrence? The reason why Im asking is I was checking my verizon bill online and last night when I was watching tv my bill indicates thats how much data I accessed at 11:00 pm but I was no where near my phone. The bill also says my data usage...
  12. Tug

    Remote backup

    I have two iPhones, one provided by my employer and one I pay for. When Im at work I don't have always have time to backup the iPhone to iCloud my employer provides for me or I forget to. I was wondering if it's possible to backup an iPhone from a remote location? Thanks
  13. Tug


    Went to Best Buy the morning @ 7:00 and picked up 2 16 gig iPhone 4.0's. What surprised me is there weren't any other customers there but the Verizon store that was right across the street was packed.
  14. Tug

    AT&T 4g

    I'm not really sure where to post hopefully the moderators will move it to the proper forum. I was talking to an AT&T representative on the phone and expressed my feelings about jumping ship and going to Verizon to get the new iPhone and was extremely upset with all my dropped calls. She said...
  15. Tug

    Would you buy the iPhone 4 if you had to do it over again?

    The reason why I'm asking is I want to take the plunge and get the new iPhone but when I went to the AT&T store and checked it out for the first time I really wasn't that impressed with it and I'm not sure if I want to pay an early termination fee and an additional 199 bucks. Regardless I'm...
  16. Tug

    What will be the cost of the iPhone 4?

    Im curious, what's V going to charge for the iPhone 4 (new customer)? Thanks
  17. Tug

    4.0 question

    For all that have upgraded to the last version of software are they happy with the way their phone responds? The reason why Im asking is the keyboard on my phone isn't nearly as responsive as it once was and I have to be more precise when depressing the letters while texting. My G/F has the...
  18. Tug

    Apple Mobile Device Service not started

    Went to back up my iPhone and received this message "This iPhone cannot be used because the Apple Mobile Device service is not started". Now my iPhone isn't showing up in iTunes. Anyone have any idea as to why I'm receiving this message and what I need to do to correct it? Thanks
  19. Tug

    It's on its way.... yeah baby!

    My black 16 GB iPhone 3GS left SHENZHEN CN on June 24, will arrive via Fed Ex on June 29. This isn't really that spectacular but once I post what I had to go through and why I upgraded many will be mildly surprised. I don't want to say anything just yet, don't want to jinx myself.
  20. Tug

    Another one bites the dust

    I'm working on iPhone number 5 right now, I've had it for about 2 weeks. When I'm on a call and press on the speaker icon I cant hear the person I'm talking to, they can hear me but I cant hear them. Beings this is the second phone I've had with this same problem I dropped by the Apple store...