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    I have an old eMac? Does anyone know of any problems I'll have with the iPhone?

    Hi to all. I 've got a PC that I use for my major computing needs, but I also have a 1st-gen eMac with a 700Mhz G4 processor and 384 MB of RAM. I have upgraded the internal drive to DVD-RW and I will soon put 10.4 Tiger on it. It has built-in Firewire but no USB 2.0. I thought about making the...
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    What kind of touchscreen software do you want to see on the iPhone

    So, what kind of software programs would you like to see take advantage of the multi-touch screen, whether it's a Web 2.0 app or not? I'd like to see a iphone-ified version of Orb or some other type of media streaming software, but have it actually have an option where the program plays the...
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    How long do you think it will be before the next iPhone version comes out?

    So do you think we'll see another version of the iPhone later this year, or early 2008? I could easily see another version being unveiled at Macworld, and then made ready for sale almost immediately after.