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    iPhone 3G Case Recommendations

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I am currently in the case market and I'm looking for a skin case. (the rubber/soft ones) There are so many choices and I just can't narrrow all of them down. I'd like something simple but provides good protection and doesn't add a lot of bulk...
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    Unlockings Sounds?

    Is there a way to have your jailbroke iPhone play a custom sound once you unlock it(slide to unlock)? If so, can somebody give me some help on how to do it? Thanks.
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    Home Button Not Responding

    Well it is but it's not as quick/as often as I'd like. My iPhone is about 3 months old and sometimes it responds and sometimes it doesn't. Is there any way to fix this?
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    just unlocked iPhone-

    just jailbroke iphone- And Installer confuses me. Do I have to add sources? IF so, what should I add?
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    I am undecided on weather to jailbreak my iPhone. I hear how wonderful it is but I'm wondering if it's worth taking a risk. I remember when Apple released a patch that bricked modified iPhones. Im worried if that would happen again. Also i'd like to know how to back up data pre jailbreak so if I...
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    Is it possible to undo a jailbreak?

    Is it possible to undo a jailbreak, and if so, how? I'd like to know before I start.
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    2.1 kissed my iPhones boo boo

    I went from 1 bar of 3g to full 3g! Thanks att and Apple!
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    Will the Will "Genius" feature be available on the iPhones?

    Will the "Genius" feature be available on the iPhones iPod?
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    my biggest complaint

    Is that the silent button is on the side. My phone has gone off 3 times in class already.
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    Keeping my Number?

    Hey guys, I currently have a family plan with ATT. I'm not eligible for an upgrade so I'm going to add a line and put the iPhone on that. Is there a way to transfer the number from account to account? SIM card or something? Thanks.
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    Does anybody have this? Is it any good? Sorry if I'm in the wrong forum. Thanks.