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  1. iphonenotify

    Will The iPhone be available immediately following WWDC?

    Or will he just introduce it and give it a launch date?:foot:
  2. iphonenotify

    Will you camp?

    Last year I camped in front of the Pasadena store. I was first in line to get the iPhone. Will you camp for the 3G phone? I might...:tounge:
  3. iphonenotify

    99 cent iPhones!

    9 of them to be precise. At the 99 cents only store tomorrow, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the company. I was going to go but got there too late. DAMN!
  4. iphonenotify

    No point to "send to web gallery!"

    I was watching the intro video of the new imacs, when steve talked about the iPhone. At first i got excited qhen he talked about the new feature. Now i realize there is no point to it other than to save time. It doesn't add a new feature, just makes it easier. If you remember, he talked about how...
  5. iphonenotify

    People, Do we want to update?

    I know there is an option to return to factory settings and software, but if we update and 6 months later realize there was something cool you could do with original software, would the original software be the same as the one on the reset option? Exactly the same? If you can remember the PSP...
  6. iphonenotify

    what happened to the split email feature?

    you know the way steve jobs said you could view it in january at macworld? What happened to this?
  7. iphonenotify

    fill me in...

    I have been gone at camp for the past week and wanted to know if any significant info or events happened. Please fill me in on such things as tge malware case, any firmware updates, any cool hacks, and if anyone has seen the Apple Bluetooth headset. Battery is running out will check up on topic...
  8. iphonenotify

    exchanged iPhone and much better performance!

    I exchanged my iPhone today because of some dead pixels. So far with my new iPhone I have been getting better performance of edge and better battery. Also I have been getting no lag when I type the letters. Battery lasts like 10 times longer. Any ideas why?
  9. iphonenotify

    not switching to WiFi!

    but i think i know why. It may be because i am low on batteries. Has anyone had this happen to them. Its pretty smart of Apple to do this to conserve battery. Please tell me I am right. I hope wifi gets disabled for low battery.
  10. iphonenotify

    is anyone excited about firmware updates?

    I certainly am.this phone is gonna get better and better with each update. Can wait. Does anyone feel that they left some functionality out of the phone to save for updates? I feel that they left some stuff out like pushed email that is not limited to yahoo. I am fine with all of this for now...
  11. iphonenotify

    Do you think someone should make an EI app?

    I do, it would be so cool. For any developers and such, feel free to do so. It would be much appreciated. So yes, would you want one? What features would you want included?Developers pay attention!:tounge:
  12. iphonenotify

    Man, AT&T sucks!

    I am not talking about the cell phone coverage they give, rather the DSL connection they supply. It f**king went dead while I was In line waiting for my phone. So when I got home I could not activate the phone! Anyways I activated it by searching my neighborhood for local wifi. Thank god for...
  13. iphonenotify

    Has anyone asked you about your iPhone In public?

    I have only had it a while and a lot of people asked me what it was. Is this the same from you? Oh yes, typing on this is really easy.:tounge:
  14. iphonenotify

    iPhonenotify reports....

    yes, its me again. I have been missing posting on the forums. Many people have joined the line. Want to talk to me? Just IM me, my phone still works.:tounge:
  15. iphonenotify

    Interview and shout-out to EI!

    Hey guys! As you know I have been outside the Apple store since 12pm yesterday, and I got interviewed (again). For those living in socal watch channel 9 news at 10pm and channel 2 at 11pm. I can't respond because I have been using this crappy sidekick. Tell me how the interview was. I gave a...
  16. iphonenotify

    Ok, I'm lining up.

    I have been doing nothing for the past few days. I went to my Apple store and started the line. Call me crazy, but i have nohting to do.:tounge:
  17. iphonenotify

    I will be on TV...

    I was just interviewed by a guy fro ABC 4 at Pasadena and the interview will aire at 11pm
  18. iphonenotify

    OMG! iPhone box....

    There was an employee in the pasadena store who had a box that was small in size and it said ships on sunday 29th. The employee next to him said put that away, and he walked into the backroom with it. I could not get a picture, but i will be here all night waiting for it. OMG! iPhone. No Joke.
  19. iphonenotify

    Jawbone or Apple Bluetooth Headset?

    I know I have posted a thread on this and there have been ohters, but I learned some new info that makes this thread valid. Also, that info makes it hard to choose which I will get. Here are some pros and cons for both. Apple Pros turns on and off with the iPhone, sleeps when iPhone...
  20. iphonenotify

    Someone find me a high def calendar icon...

    preferably with june 29th. I cant find any and ive looked everywhere.