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  1. IllusionEntity

    Time to give it up now!

    Just decided to give EverythingiCafe a visit after quite a few years away. Wow what happened? The site is completely dead. I think it's time to shut this place down, it's embarrassing! Thanks for all of the good memories everyone. And if there are any old timers still lurking, I hope you are all...
  2. IllusionEntity

    Apple Watch bands impressions, reviews and pics

    Hey guys! Long time no see [emoji16] What bands have you guys purchased for your apple watch? Feel free to post 3rd party as well as Apple official bands as I will be stealing idea as this thread progresses as I have become rather obsessed with changing up the look of my watch quite often...
  3. IllusionEntity

    Any shipping notifications yet?

    Have any of you received your shipping notification yet? I'm still on processing :(
  4. IllusionEntity

    Which Apple Watch are you buying?

    Hey guys, Haven't been here in a While! Just thought I'd ask this question and start a poll. I have been arguing with myself over which model to get for a while but I think I'm getting the stainless steel with the traditional leather strap or Milanese loop.
  5. IllusionEntity

    For those of you who remember me!

    Hey Guys. It's been a long time since I have been on the forums. A lot has changed since I was last around! I now am the proud owner of a 27" Custom 2013 iMac! I hope you all enjoyed the iPhone 5S launch and obviously hope you're enjoying the iPhone itself :) I am going to try and get back...
  6. IllusionEntity

    iPhone 5 VS 5S Benchmarks

    Hey Guys! I hope most of you have had good luck this year! I picked up a Gold 32GB model at my local Apple store this year. I got one of two in stock... Anyway I have just run benchmarks on both my iPhone 5 and 5S. Here are the specs! iPhone 5: Model: iPhone 5,2 iOS 7.0 Apple A6 @ 1.30GHz...
  7. IllusionEntity

    Which color iPhone 5S: Space Gray, Gold or White?

    What is your colour of choice for this years iPhone? I have made a poll in line with current rumors of new colour configurations. VOTE! Edit: I remember now that it should be champange and not gold. I will put in the first vote. It has to be white for me this year, you can vote for...
  8. IllusionEntity

    2013 iPhone keynote thread

    Apples announcement of the new iPhone(s) is just around the corner. I will be using this thread to post pictures of the event as well as mark the occasion for the unlucky few that might miss the keynote. Feel free to join in :) Also:
  9. IllusionEntity

    YouTube updated for iOS 7

    I don't know if you all know but YouTube has been updated with a stylish new iOS 7 facelift. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  10. IllusionEntity

    Nokia to sell handset business to Microsoft for $7.2 Billion

    Apparently Nokia are selling their handset businesss to Microsoft for $7.2 Billion as they are struggling to keep up with Apple and Samsung. Quick snippet from the article: In 2011, after writing a memo that said Nokia was falling behind and lacked the in-house technology to catch up, Elop...
  11. IllusionEntity

    iOS 7 Beta 7

    Beta 7 is supposedly due in around 4 minutes! Just opening the relevant thread :) Please report findings/ bugs here
  12. IllusionEntity

    S for Security?

    With the new iPhone being an incremental "S" upgrade this year. We all know that the S has stood for "Speed and Siri" but what does it stand for this year? I thought today that with all the very heavy rumors of a fingerprint scanner on the new iPhone it may likely stand for Security this time...
  13. IllusionEntity

    Beta testers leaving bad reviews on apps that are not iOS 7 compatible

    There is apparently a problem on the App Store with certain "Developers" leaving 1 star ratings on apps because they do not work on iOS 7. I'm sure we all know that this is idiots who got their hands on iOS 7 with no knowledge of betas. Full story...
  14. IllusionEntity

    Magical morphing technology

    This is very interesting. And if this becomes available I would finally buy the white iPhone! This is basically technology to hide components on the exterior of the iPhone such as the FF camera, rear camera and flash and hopefully the screen. So if you tapped the camera app the rear facing...
  15. IllusionEntity


    We all know about the who debacle of Scuffgate when the iPhone 5 was released. But how is your iPhone 5 holding up? Mine is great apart from a few tiny nicks on that nice shiny bezel at the bottom. The back panel and most of my outer edge are top notch.
  16. IllusionEntity

    Just saw this in the newspaper. LOL!

    I have seen that Sony have had another swing at making a gimmi... Smartphone.
  17. IllusionEntity

    Post your kicks!

    Kicks is slang for trainers/ shoes before anyone asks! The reason I ask is because I find it so difficult finding trainers I like! Here are some I bought today:
  18. IllusionEntity

    New Job thread.

    Hey guys. I am currently en route to an interview up in London. As some of you know I used to be a carpenter but have decided on a career change. I am interviewing for a Data Analysis position. I am very nervous! Haven't had an interview in years!
  19. IllusionEntity

    Does anyone hate the new iTunes?

    To me the new iTunes isn't as easy to use and not as smooth as the old version. I will get used to it eventually but right now I strongly dislike the way it looks and feels.
  20. IllusionEntity

    MacBook Pro MacBook Pro beach ball?

    I keep constantly getting the Loading beachball. I have only got iTunes and Safari running and still I get the beachball. I do not think it is hardware related as I have a 2.3GHz Quad-Core intel i7 and 16GB of RAM. HELP!