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  1. ~DS~

    Ip banned and all I use is my 4s with 4g help

    Even better: What's the email address? Where are you located. Banned IP are based on loacation and email address. ;) Trust me, I am an admin on one of my site I own.
  2. ~DS~

    Apple TV 3 Subtitles

    Some contents support subtitles, some do not. Netflix is one example...not all movies or TV shows support them, at least not yet. To ensure if it's captioned, press and hold the Home button while viewing the movie or show, it will bring up a subtitle menu.
  3. ~DS~

    iOS update,

    Not impressed. I expected more in this update. Sent from my iPhone 4
  4. ~DS~

    Please no iPad 4 predictions yet

    iPad 4? No it gonna be the 'New, New iPad' Sent from my iPhone 4
  5. ~DS~

    New update?

    Patience is virtue Sent from my iPhone 4
  6. ~DS~

    Happy iPad 3 Day

    What if Apple surprises us again with iPhone 5, something they will never expect like they did with Mounation Lion. :P 2PM AST my time then... Sent from my iPhone 4
  7. ~DS~

    iChat on iPhone 4

    They won't be anymore, they are now iMessage as in Mountain Lion. The services used in iChat would be incorporated in iMessage, I could be wrong tho. Sent from my iPhone 4
  8. ~DS~

    Why do I need an iPad?

    I usually use it for AirPlay purposes. Sent from my iPhone 4
  9. ~DS~

    anyone want to share a screen shot of their homescreen+apps?

    Just updated my homescreen Sent from my iPhone 4
  10. ~DS~

    How to add a pic to mail

    Or wait for Sparrow. Sent from my iPhone 4 using iCafe app
  11. ~DS~

    Tweeting to Facebook

  12. ~DS~

    Tapatalk rebranding, worth it?

    If you can afford it, go ahead. I've considered the same for mine but...
  13. ~DS~

    Has anyone used HeyTell?

    And it will get overrated. Look at Voxer.
  14. ~DS~

    Can we please stop calling the 6th gen iPhone the iPhone 5? It should be called iPhone 6 or 4G.

    Apple is getting ridiculous with version numbers these days.
  15. ~DS~

    Tether w/o AT&T knowing?

    It doesn't matter, they will find out eventually, you will get a notice via text, email or by phone.
  16. ~DS~

    Has anyone used HeyTell?

    The texting apps are overrated these days. I mean really? What's the point when we have the old fashioned instant messengers? If you thought that will save bills from carriers, then you are half wrong. Texting apps still use data even through it doesn't go toward your sms plan. The same goes for...
  17. ~DS~

    What shows are you watching?

    Currently watching Torchwood, spinoff of Doctor Who. Sent from my iPhone 4 using iCafe app
  18. ~DS~

    What happened to everything iCafe mobile?

    And it :) Was wanting a dark skin, oh well.
  19. ~DS~

    Alter Show count on Stock Email App

    Remove the account and re-add it, it will retrieve older emails. There is no other way around it.
  20. ~DS~

    Anyone on Instagram?

    DismalShadow Sent from my iPhone 4 using iCafe app