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  1. Wangmaster

    did any of you hear about this? (software update)

    "Speaking to analysts for RBC Capital Markets this week, Apple's Vice President of iPod Product Marketing, Greg Joswiak, said the first software update for his company's iPhone handset is due to arrive shortly." "Abramsky speculated that upcoming iPhone software updates would include new...
  2. Wangmaster

    How much are you paying monthly for 2 iPhones?

    How much is everyone paying monthly for 2 iPhones? I have the family talk plan (700 minutes), 2 iPhone data plans, and unlimited text and my bill comes up to $149... I'm just wondering what everyone else is paying with their plan?
  3. Wangmaster

    are there any cases with a lanyard?

    I've searched around and have only found an article where someone has drilled into their iPhone to make a lanyard. I have a great digital camera that has a lanyard and I also have a Wii so i'm lanyard crazy right now. For some reason I feel safer with a lanyard. Does anyone know if there are...
  4. Wangmaster

    Anyone Receive an odd Text Message?

    Hello all... I received a weird text message this morning. It looked like a spam text about downloading pictures and ringtones. Has anyone received anythign like this?