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    SMS customizing in 3.0

    Those files are now located in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ChatKit.framework in 3.0.
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    deleting apps installed with Cydia?

    Tap Manage at the bottom of the screen. Then tap on Packages. It'll return the list of installed applications. Tap the name of the application you want to uninstall. Tap on Modify on the upper right and select Remove.
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    3G toggle?

    BossPrefs has a 3G toggle switch.
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    Broken Apps on 2.1

    Snapture does not work under 2.1
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    Custom Firmware Request Thread

    Sorry I'm not sure why the IPSW file I posted via GigaShare didn't work. Before I uploaded the file, I actually restored my phone using that exact IPSW file. Regarding the baseband updates, I un-checked that option in Pwnage to activate the phone and update the baseband. My tests throughout...
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    Custom Firmware Request Thread

    iPhone 3G 2.1 Custom Firmware Device Type: iPhone 3G Firmware Version: 2.1 Activation: No Activation (Carrier Subscription Required) Unlock: Carrier Locked Custom Packages: None Custom Boot/Recovery Logos: Stock Root Partition Size: Default Here is the 2.1 firmware for iPhone 3G. Does not...
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    Carrier Logos?

    For 1.1.4, you need to copy to the /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/. In this folder, you'll see a list of ".bundle" directories. In my case, I'm on AT&T so I placed my custom carrier images (Default_CARRIER_ATT.png and FSO_CARRIER_ATT.png) in the "/System/Library/Carrier...
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    1.1.4 JB and Summerboard

    I used MobileTerminal. WinSCP should be able to do the same. Look in the Applications directory for
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    BSD error after ZiPhone JB

    I'm using the Cydia package manager as a replacement to the BSD Subsystem. There is also a patch to trick applications in thinking the BSD Subsystem is installed for compatibilty. You'll need to add this Source to Installer: Then install the "All Sources" which...
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    1.1.4 JB and Summerboard

    I had to manually set permissions to the to +775 before themes worked for me.
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    Litho Theme

    The Litho theme is based off Iconfactory's Litho icon set. They released 5 sets. I'm not sure if the person who created the Litho theme is the same that originally created the icon set.
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    What does "100 MBs Avaliable" mean at the bottom of

    It's actually the remaining size of the "OS" partition. There are two entries in fstab. "OS" and "Media", the media partition takes up the bulk of the flash drive.
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    Terminal based jailbreak

    Sorry about that. I should have tested the link before I posted. I did find a copy of iTunes 7.4 here.
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    Terminal based jailbreak

    Sure do! :2cool: You can still find it off VersionTracker here. Scroll down to "Download Links" to get version 7.3.2. Hope this helps.
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    Question about syncing after modding?

    It will restore unmodded and w/o the Installer program. You'll need to unshackle/unjailbreak again to install 3rd party apps/customizations.
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    Changing the Battery

    Not sure about changing the battery images but to edit the Slide to Unlock text, edit the SpringBoard.strings file in /System/Library/CoreServices/ It's easier to edit the file on your PC and send it back to your phone.
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    New MobileChat 1.2.5b Amazing

    Back to ApolloIM for me if other networks are supported!
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    changing battery with installer

    The only thing I can think of is a setting in MobileFinder such as "Show Hidden Files" or "System File Access".
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    Terminal based jailbreak

    You can download a copy of iTunes 7.3.2 here. There are also other versions of iTunes as well.
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    New MobileChat 1.2.5b Amazing

    It's been answered multiple times and you can check yourself by checking the OLAM for AT&T. MobileChat uses data. EDGE or WiFi.