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  1. IphoneTony


    IPHONETONY here! Just stopped by and noticed it is filled with spam posts. Where did Chris go?
  2. IphoneTony

    2014/2015 Football

    Anyone play on fanduel for football or any sport? PM me if you want to do a private league this week.
  3. IphoneTony

    Camera Roll and Photo Stream gone

    I do know that the old camera roll is gone but most of my pics never transferred over think what happened was after I backed up I started to delete stuff, then iCloud did a back up again and must of just saved everything after I deleted my stuff. Really wish I could just get my videos back that...
  4. IphoneTony

    Camera Roll and Photo Stream gone

    So I backed up my photos/videos to iCloud and on iTunes and still missing like 90% of my stuff. It shows I have 600+ but when I do a restore they still fail to appear.
  5. IphoneTony

    Camera Roll and Photo Stream gone

    Yeah where are my photos? I stored on iCloud so how do I get them back on my iPhone?
  6. IphoneTony

    iOS 8 download times

    Finished downloading in 30 mins using iTunes
  7. IphoneTony

    The original crew who still here?

    Ding ding ding!
  8. IphoneTony

    The original crew who still here?

    Okay I am going to confess. I don't remember I believe it was
  9. IphoneTony

    The original crew who still here?

    Yes I am the giants fan that went nuts after beating Brady and his girls the first time in the Super Bowl and yeah I did not say the original name because I thought it was not allowed. So the question is why did I ask if anyone remembers it!!!
  10. IphoneTony

    The original crew who still here?

    So I have been away for some time now but as I browse the site I still see some of our original members from the launch of the first iPhone. Since I have been away I have been so busy with work, moving, having kids that I have not had much time to post on the best forum ever created. Thanks...
  11. IphoneTony

    iPhone 6 camp out thread!

    Camping out on my front porch! Waiting for FedEx or Ups
  12. IphoneTony

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    Well that was a nice 90 minute nap
  13. IphoneTony

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    After hour and half finally got confirmation email from att site order 128gb iPhone 6 will arrive the 19th.
  14. IphoneTony

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    I'm on east coast do I try to go back to bed or stay up??? Need to be awake in 2 hours.
  15. IphoneTony

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    Went to order the iphone 6 128gb for my wife but have yet to receive email confirmation from the att site. Order number is not even active ... hope it works!
  16. IphoneTony

    Google Glass

    Me! Sent using iCafe app
  17. IphoneTony

    Enter to win a $25 iTunes Gift Card from everythingiCafe

    Oh yeah! iTunes card YEAH! Sent using iCafe app
  18. IphoneTony

    The 2013-14 NFL Thread

    The losing streak beard started during week 3 pics from 0-4 and 0-5 Going to a long year Sent using iCafe app
  19. IphoneTony

    Apple iPhone Trade-In Program...Good deal or no deal?

    I have never paid for a new iPhone well I'm lying I did for the first one that came out. I would always sell on craigslist and use that money to purchase the new one. Sold my iPhone 4 last year for $200 and bought the 5 for $149 Craigslist for me with $50 profit Sent using iCafe app
  20. IphoneTony

    Cutting the cord

    Why then that would just put the cable providers out of businesss. Sent using iCafe app