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    2 day old iPhone is broken?

    I exchanged my 8gb for a 16gb 2 days ago since I was within my 30 days (at Best Buy) and I noticed it did not charged while plugged into the wall last night. SO I plugged it into my computer and it still did not charge. I looked this up on the forums and saw a suggestion to reset the phone, I...
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    Default iPhone email signature

    Is the default signature pretentious? I think I want some signature just to excuse any odd misspellings but I don't want to seem like the signature is flaunting having an iPhone...opinions?
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    "Blackberry is for men, iPhone is for women" - eBay

    Just got this in an email from eBay, guess that makes for a lot of women on these forums. I just traded in my 8gb for a 16bg tonight since I was within my 30 days, I am bursting out of the closet teehee :p
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    Question regarding 30 day return period

    I was thinking of refurning my 8gb 3G and getting a 16gb 3G. I read on AT&T that there is a 10% restocking fee but other than that it looks like this should not be a problem? Also I bought it at best buy - does that mean I have to return it at that best buy or can I go to any AT&T store...
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    quick question regarding jailbreaking - is lag to be expected?

    I jailbreaked my phone the day after I got it, so I am wondering what exactly slows the phone down with jailbreaking? I have read that winterboard will (didn't install that), catagories might (uninstalled that)..I'm wondering because my phone has gotten a bit sluggish and Safari seems to be...
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    Subscription music services that work with iPhone?

    The only thing I am missing right now having come from Verizon is that my old phone was compatible with I have been searching but no luck. Are there any music subscription services with which I can use my iPhone?