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    Urgent Help Please!

    Hello I tried to unlock a new OOTB 1.1.3 (16GB) with ZiPhone 2.4 method, after waiting like 10 minutes in the cmd (altough it said to wait only 4...) i decided to disconnect it and restart (the screen was almost black). I powered up again and I got the Apple logo followed by screens os script...
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    SMS error, reseting to summerboard

    Hi, Today while recharging my iPhone in the dock. I got an strange SMS with strange characters ¬¬¬| and those not not normally on keyboards. I tried to go onto the SMS icon, the icon trid to load the SMS app and it wont come up, meaning the phone goes back to the home screen (summerboard)...
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    Can't take out the SIM

    hi, I have a new 1.0.2 iPhone, went to the jailbrake process very smooth, thanks for that! but when i get to the part of taking out the SIM card (after running successfuly AnySIM and powering off my phone) i insert a clip on the little hole next to the power button, but nothin happens, should...