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    GPS died. Need a new one

    Check out the map quest app. It's free and has voice guided turn by turn. Not the flashiest app out there but for free it's worth a try.
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    Received a call from BB to set up an appointment.

    1pm tomorrow for me. Got the call about an hour ago. They are allotting 45 mins for activation.
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    Received a call from BB to set up an appointment.

    Minnesota. Best Buy is headquartered here, so maybe we are getting a few more than others because of that. Hardly call 15 more, but it's more than others have talked about on here before.
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    Received a call from BB to set up an appointment.

    I also could not get through to BB over the phone so I went in to talk to them. On Pre-order day they thought they would get 50-75. They got 13 16gb and 2 32gb. I apparently am #12 so it looks like I will be getting one. He said they will call to make appointments later today. He did not have...
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    White iPhones at BB
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    White iPhones at BB

    I know, I saw that earlier today. Perhaps it was a mistake, but he did say specifically that he expected the black ones later today.
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    White iPhones at BB

    I just called the Best Buy in my area and they said they have gotten some iPhones in but not all their inventory in yet. He said, and get this... he expects the black ones will arrive later today. So does that mean they have white ones in inventory already? I did not ask that, because I...
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    What's on your holiday wish list?

    I was looking for a headset. Asked for the Jawbone headset. Your thoughts on the Apple branded one?
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    What's on your holiday wish list?

    with the upcoming holiday season, what iPhone accessories will you be asking santa for?
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    New iPhone on Jan. 1st 2008?

    Jan 1? Apple won't release any new products that close to MacWorld. If anything were to come out in Jaruany it would be announced on January 14th which is the start of MacWorld and typically thats when Steve Jobs gives his keynote and announces new product. Thats when he announced the iPhone...
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    Third Party Apps

    It appears that 3rd party apps are coming in 2008.
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    iPhone Update with Leopard?

    I know how almost everyone on here hates the talk of upcoming updates, but do you think there will be an update when Leopard ships the end of this month? ( Also, when watching the video for the update to 1.1.1 they referred to it as the September update. I would...
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    Hint that Update will come shortly!

    I noticed the same thing when I was using this radio app. ( It's actually pretty cool if you guys haven't stumbled across this yet. You pick your city, it shows you a list of popular radio stations. You tap on the station you want. It shows you the last 5...
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    Multiple texting

    How? Please for the love all things holy, tell us how!
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    iPhone in the Car

    I currently use an FM transmitter with my iPhone, and noticed the other day that my truck has an AUX button on the stereo. I know this is typically reserved for a CD changer, which I don't have. My question is... if I were rig my iPhone to play through the AUX input on my stereo, I wouldn't...
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    YouTube most viewed 'today'

    If you click on Most Viewed on the bottom of the YouTube section, then you will notice on the top that it says "All" "Today" "This Week". I noticed last night that the "Today" tab said no videos. I just assumed it was a slow day for YouTube.:tounge:
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    Yahoo push e-mail problem

    I've had trouble as well. Don't know if its an issue with the phone or yahoo. My guess is yahoo, cause I got so tired of it I went to gMail and that works like a champ for me. I still get email to my yahoo account and its still set up on my phone. I might go 5 days without getting any yahoo...
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    Fantasy Football

    We use ESPN... and their draft room will not work on iPhone. Just tested it. Says to reinstall Java. Wish I could! I too have been using Sportsline for Baseball. You nailed it. Nothing like being out shopping with the wife and kids and notice that Johan Santana just racked up 17K's. I...
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    Keyboard while text messaging

    When I send a message, the keyboard stays displayed. I have to go back to my message lists and then back to my message in order to see the whole screen without the keyboard. Anyone know a way around around this?