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    Only Cingular?

    I am almost fearful of the outright price if the price with contract is 600! I just don't think enough people will jump on it at such a high price.
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    Palm, Inc. engaging the fight?

    Eevryone keeps predicting that this phone will be the end all of cell phones. I simply think it is the next evolution and other companies will simply follow suit. Look at HTC they are working on a full screen cellphone for 2 years. we shall see exactly what transpires with the iPhone.
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    Apple Care or AT&T Insurance?

    My guess would be AT&T would push for their insurance. AppleCare sucks, and makes you pay for every little thing they fix. So hopefully insurance will be offered
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    iPhone 2.0

    Honestly, except for the internet and space, the iPhone is perfect for our maerkets. What remains to be seen is whether EDGE will be as bad as it is on other phones.
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    Speed Connecting to Internet

    Its honestly not going to be much faster. EDGE is the best you can get with the iPhone and as such the internet will seem slow on it until another version comes out. Safari might make it better though, only time will tell.
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    We've been punked! Cisco owns iPhone

    Its not that Apple wanted to have their name stolen, or cisco to come out with the same product, it just worked out that way i suppose.
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Hi i am Jeff from PA and i am 20. I love the iPhone and i hope to get one soon. Just wanted to say hi.
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    EDGE data rates

    My edge speeds with my blackjack were always about 150kbps, which as we know isn't very fast but at least it was something. Plus the EDGE is much cheaper than the 3g. I know because 29.99 gets u unlimited edge, and 3g is 49.99!
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    Interchangeable Accessories with the iPod?

    Ipod accessories I have so many ipod accessories that if the iPhone does, man will i be a happy guy. anyone know if it is going to be any larger than the 5th gn video? like physical size, not just screen etc.
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    iTunes Lyrics

    Wow A widget that will do all that? Man i wish i had a mac!
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    Will you be getting an iPhone?

    iPhone Price With the advertised drop a few months back it might be worth my while to get an iPhone, unless it is 599. I just cant justify spending that much for a phone yet. Maybe if the hype matches the phone, then yes. otherwise no.