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  1. besweeet

    [T-Mobile USA] Bad battery life & connectivity compared to AT&T

    I've been discussing this with people on other forums for a long time, but never thought to post it here, for whatever reason. Anywho, back in June, I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile, and have been very satisfied with the switch. Interestingly, what I'm the least satisfied with isn't with...
  2. besweeet

    Debris between glass and display frame...

    Yesterday, I noticed that there's something stuck between the display's glass and its frame. Here's a photo: I was thinking about taking it to an Apple Store to see if they could remove it, but if there's something I could do on my end first, then that would be better. Any ideas (without...
  3. besweeet

    Power and home buttons not working after battery swap

    After swapping batteries, my home and power buttons no longer work, so I think I might've damaged something during the installation, but I can't find anything (at least regarding the ribbon cables and connectors) that indicates that. They simply don't seem to be working, no matter what. They...
  4. besweeet

    2 months with T-Mobile: my final thoughts & observations

    For the past 2 months, I've been using T-Mobile's long-available $30 prepaid plan, which includes 100 minutes, unlimited texting, 5GB high-speed data, and unlimited 2G data (after the 5GB). Overall, I've been pretty happy with T-Mobile, and will be looking to switch within the next couple of...
  5. besweeet

    iOS 7 - Signal dots or bars?

    I'm curious as to what everyone thinks about Apple switching away from the traditional signal bars over to dots. Seeing the dots, I prefer the bars, but seeing them together, like above, I prefer the dots :giggle:.
  6. besweeet

    Next iPhone to support 60FPS video recording?

    Have a look: The iOS 7 SDK gives developers the ability to have "60-fps video capture," which gave me the immediate indication that the camera in the next iPhone should be capable of recording 1080p60 video. Anyone else agree? While this feature might not be useful to most people, I think...
  7. besweeet

    Turn LTE on or off?

    Lately, I've been thinking about just turning LTE off, as AT&T's "4G" is pretty decent stuff: I'm thinking about doing this because: "4G" signal strength generally seems higher than LTE Battery life should technically increase, right? Speeds are plenty fast for me, and I might end up using...
  8. besweeet

    Post your iPhone 5 speed test!

    Here's mine from this morning--pretty impressive. The speeds kept getting faster and faster, so I think I could've hit 70Mbps if the tests were longer.
  9. besweeet

    Tweaking songs for better iTunes Match compatibility?

    Of my 506 songs, 271 were matched while the rest were uploaded. I tried tweaking some tag information and having iTunes rescan everything, but they were still uploaded. Has anyone figured out a way of properly tweaking songs so that they will properly match? Some songs from albums are matched...
  10. besweeet

    Forced onto an AT&T tethering plan...

    I figured this would've happened eventually, but damn... I guess I've been transferred to a DataPro 4GB plan, which I guess I could live with... I usually use over 12GB per month, but I can use Wi-Fi instead of 3G. Been tethering via TetherMe and PdaNet for a long time. Never tried the hiding...
  11. besweeet

    Looking for a podcatching app...

    One thing that I've been wanting to do for a long time is to use my iDevices for downloading the podcasts (audio + video) that I would normally download daily in iTunes. Sure, I can download them from iTunes and then sync them over to my iDevice(s), but that's no fun. So my question is this...
  12. besweeet

    Cracked my white iPhone 4

    Read the full story over on my blog: Let's just say that even going a few minutes without a case (or Bumper) on your phone is a very bad idea...
  13. besweeet

    White iPhone 4 w/black home button & Bumper

    Just thought that I could share my iPhone 4 with you guys. It's a converted white iPhone 4, but it has a black home button as well as a black iPhone 4 Bumper: It's definitely different, and I like it a lot. Looks a lot better in person (TWSS :D).
  14. besweeet

    iPad 2 replacement - Screen bleeding worse...

    Since I'm in San Antonio for the weekend, I decided to take the white iPad 2 (that I bought from a Walmart on launch day) into an Apple Store to get it replaced, as it has the whole screen bleeding issue. In an out in 20 minutes, I didn't check to see if the replacement had it until I got back...
  15. besweeet

    REAL white iPhone 4 front panel?

    Either I'm searching in the wrong places, or the part isn't even available yet... Has anybody seen a real white iPhone 4 front panel for sale? I've seen it on, but it's crazy expensive. The reason I'm asking is because a portion of the digitizer on a front panel that I've been using...
  16. besweeet

    Some n00b jailbreak questions

    While I've been jailbreaking since 2008, I have a few questions. 1. To preserve the baseband (for unlocking purposes), all you'd have to do is make a custom firmware in PwnageTool, and then restore to that in iTunes? 2. Preserving the baseband through that method would work for the 3GS and the...
  17. besweeet

    iPad 2 screenshot thread

    Here's mine.
  18. besweeet

    Photo from iPad 2

    Here's "Photo" from the iPad 2's iOS 4.3.1 filesystem: I've been able to get it to run, but it will crash after showing the curtains. See my little video here: I thought that transferring PhotoBoothEffects.framework from the iPad 2's...
  19. besweeet

    Found cracked 3GS - Can't turn it on

    Found a 3GS in the trash today. Screen was cracked. It won't turn on. It's not even being detected by a computer. Took the thing apart. Screen seems fine. Digitizer and glass are obviously effed. Here's what it looks like: Any ideas? I'd like to try and get it working.
  20. besweeet

    Issues with the camera?

    Has anybody else experienced this before? Even though it only happens for maybe 4 frames, I just don't think that this should be happening at all. Here's a frame-by-frame animation: And here's my video that I took those stills from: