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  1. IphoneTony


    IPHONETONY here! Just stopped by and noticed it is filled with spam posts. Where did Chris go?
  2. IphoneTony

    The original crew who still here?

    So I have been away for some time now but as I browse the site I still see some of our original members from the launch of the first iPhone. Since I have been away I have been so busy with work, moving, having kids that I have not had much time to post on the best forum ever created. Thanks...
  3. IphoneTony

    Jailbreak Direct TV app won't work

    My friend just posted this from his jail broken iPhone direct tv app won't work now. Sent using iCafe app
  4. IphoneTony

    2012-13 NFL playoffs

    If I was a betting man I would take all the dogs with the points Sent using iCafe app
  5. IphoneTony

    Change in daily routine with iPhone 5 battery

    Not sure why this bothers me but here it goes... I am used to waking up in the morning to a fresh 100% battery on my iPhone. I go to work and use the iPhone through the day. Come home use it some more and by the time I go to bed it is around 10-20% left, charge and repeat the day again. Now...
  6. IphoneTony

    Just got iPad mini

    Love the iPad mini it's perfect! Honestly think when the retina display comes out I will sell my iPhone and buy the LTE version and use as my phone with google voice. I don't talk much so this might be a good alternative. Merry Christmas all Sent using iCafe app
  7. IphoneTony

    WE DID IT AGAIN. Yeah I'm a few days late

    Giants win whooooooo Check me out on tv I'm at end WE DID IT AGAIN
  8. IphoneTony

    GIANTS BABY Going back!

    For those of you that remember me from the 07-08 season know How big of a fan I am. We going going back back to beat the Pats Pats! Whooooooooooooooooooo
  9. IphoneTony

    Tiger woods 2012 hd free today

    Just went on the app store and noticed tigers PGA golf game is the free app of the day. If I am correct this used to be $9.99
  10. IphoneTony

    Madden 2012 HD question

    Anyone on here purchase madden 2012 for the iPad? If so what are your thoughts? I am thinking of buying it and AirPlay it to tv
  11. IphoneTony

    Sold 2 hp touch pads bought iPad 2

    Hello everyone just picked up the white ipad2 after selling some hp junk pads! I can't believe they released that at the iPad price. Guess that is why they went to $99 anyways loving the iPad and it is even better then I expected. Now I just need to find someone to share their NFL Sunday...
  12. IphoneTony

    Lawrence taylor interview too funny

  13. IphoneTony

    Blizzard pics and video

    Video of Cantore going nuts over Thunder Snow think he jumps a mile. More pics and video to come
  14. IphoneTony

    MacBook Help question with MacBook battery say not charging

    My Wifes laptop is plugged in and charging but on the screen it says not charging. Also if I disconnect the charger from the mac book the computer shuts down. Is the battery shot or something wrong with macbook
  15. IphoneTony

    Found site to get ringtones fast

    Visit not sure if anyone has seen this or not yet but you can download the file that supports ringtones to iTunes and all you have to do is connect your iPhone to iTunes and the file is already in your ringtone folder.
  16. IphoneTony

    need help want to watch netflix from Mac to TV what wire would i need

    Can someone tell me what I need to buy in order to watch netflix on my mac and have it display on my tv
  17. IphoneTony

    Guess who is back

    iPhonetony is back and got his iPhone 4 goodbye droid
  18. IphoneTony

    Why is iPhone 4 16gb sold out every where i go in jersey

    Anyone know why the iPhone 4 is still sold out.... I live in Jersey and looking to get it
  19. IphoneTony

    iPhoneTONY Wants iPhone 4

    well im back and for those that are not aware I left Att back in Dec of 09 when they were giving my wife problems with her phone. We went with verizon and purchased the motorola droid. I love the droid but it is no iPhone. I miss my iPhone so much that I am thinking of switching back. Do...
  20. IphoneTony

    F-u AT&T

    OKAY HERE I GO Well okay caps should be on but I will not be rude I love my iPhone So my wife has a blackjack2 phone and it broke... we went though hell trying to get a new one at the upgrade price wife got pissed and said FU ATT NOW I HAVE THE UTC DROID FOR VERIZON MY...