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  1. JeffBobula

    MySpace App + App maker

    don't know if this was posted already, but check it out. I can't get the myspace app to work yet, all I get is a blank screen. Let me know if anyone gets it to work, and good luck!
  2. JeffBobula

    Delete a folder in iBrickr?

    I installed the myspace app but made about 3 folders and 3 of them show up on my phone now but only 1 works. Is there any way with in or with out the iBrickr app a way that I can delete actual folders on my iPhone?
  3. JeffBobula

    iPhone Nano Patent + "iRemote"

    I did a search and I haven't seen anything on this yet, so I figured I'd post it. I got it in an email from after the NAMM conference. Heres what it reads: "Apple, never one to be left out of the party, has unearthed some potential directions with two new patent applications. The first...
  4. JeffBobula

    Buff out scratches, new look to iPhone

    Ok, I was just talking about this in the "Applesauce remover" thread, and figured I'd post my own. My phone was heavily scratched on the chrome, so I took a 3M Brite Scrub and some electrical tape, and buffed them out, giving the iPhone a brand new, classy look after seeing the thread on another...
  5. JeffBobula

    Bodyguardz question/concerns...

    I just put my bodyguardz screen on the front almost exactly 12 hours ago. I still have some time to let it totally dry to reach the 24/48 hour points. Anyway, it looks good for the most part. I do notice there seems to be this slight line that goes down the screen horizontally. When I look at...
  6. JeffBobula

    Error Message on Intel-Mac When Trying To Run Jailbreak

    I have a G4 Powerbook. Im told that won't work for changing the carrier logo or anything else mod-wise, currently. So I borrowed my buddies Intel-Mac and copied over all the files in my "phonedmg" folder. But when I run the ./jailbreak in terminal, I get this message: Last login: Mon Jul 23...
  7. JeffBobula

    No YOUTUBE after any phone mod?

    I read on the FAQ over at that if you mod your phone the Widget to Youtube won't work. I only want to change my carrier logo, but will my Youtube Widget not work if I try to do this? Thanks in advance
  8. JeffBobula

    Proprietary Apple Headphones

    Has anyone else noticed you HAVE to use Apples headphones? I have noise cancelling and the Shure earbuds and neither of them work. Is anyone else upset that you have to use Apples phones? I know its a marketing tactic, and I think its smart, but also annoying as the Apple phones fit horribly in...
  9. JeffBobula

    More release date questions?

    So Im finally in California. I went to the nearest Beverly Hills ATT store, and they said "You cannot get the iPhone here if you are an existing customer. You must go to an Apple store." This kinda makes sense and also doesn't. I went to another ATT store and they said you could get it anywhere...
  10. JeffBobula

    Wow...6 months...

    Can you believe it? I remember half a year ago sitting glued to my computer screen for almost two hours in amazement, watching the keynote. I couldn't stop my heart from either fluttering (or pounding) whichever it was. Since then I've thought about a damn telephone each and every day. Apple has...
  11. JeffBobula

    Concern about AT&T frequency!

    I was just browsing and reading in the Accessories section about the iHome radio. There was mention about Cingular (ATT) phones next to speakers. I have had Cingular for years now, and whenever its by a goes buck wild. This got me thinking about the iPhone...and if I have it in my...
  12. JeffBobula

    Article about more Google apps and hints at 3rd party apps! More rumors that 3rd party apps might be available for the more goodies from Google!:foot:
  13. JeffBobula

    Streaming Video on iPhone?

    Just wondering if since Safari is the "first fully capable web browser on a cell phone" if you will be able to stream video. Im really interested in buying so I can watch the games anytime anywhere. But do you think stuff like this or will work on the iPhone or will we...
  14. JeffBobula

    Official Release Date!

    Official Release Date!?! So again, I swung by the ol' AT&T store today to harass them for more info, and this time my buddy was working...and he let "slip" that the iPhone is arriving to stores in the last week of June, either the 28th or 29th. The head manager then came out and she chatted us...
  15. JeffBobula

    SIMple Functions on iPhone?

    Just curious if the standard cell-phone extras like vibrate, and an alarm function will be available...I need that phone alarm!
  16. JeffBobula

    iPhone on Heroes?

    I was watching Heroes tonight where they go 5 years into the future. Parkman the cop calls Petrelli the president on what looks like the iPhone. They both appear to have it. You don't ever see the screen but the front, back, camera lens, and side buttons were all well as the phones...