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    White iPhones at BB

    I just called the Best Buy in my area and they said they have gotten some iPhones in but not all their inventory in yet. He said, and get this... he expects the black ones will arrive later today. So does that mean they have white ones in inventory already? I did not ask that, because I...
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    What's on your holiday wish list?

    with the upcoming holiday season, what iPhone accessories will you be asking santa for?
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    Third Party Apps

    It appears that 3rd party apps are coming in 2008.
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    iPhone Update with Leopard?

    I know how almost everyone on here hates the talk of upcoming updates, but do you think there will be an update when Leopard ships the end of this month? ( Also, when watching the video for the update to 1.1.1 they referred to it as the September update. I would...
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    Keyboard while text messaging

    When I send a message, the keyboard stays displayed. I have to go back to my message lists and then back to my message in order to see the whole screen without the keyboard. Anyone know a way around around this?