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    Incorrect phone number

    Somehow the incorrect mobile phone number got into the facetime setting on my iPad air. It is my wife's number and not mine, How can I change number in the field " you can be reached at facetime at" ?
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    Album not showing under artists name.

    I have one cd that I have downloaded to iTunes and when I sync to my iPod touch, it does not show under the artists listing. I have deleted and reinstalled the album and now it ,iTunes is splitting the album showing it with only two songs, then as another album with the remaining songs, both...
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    App location

    How do I make a periodical(magazine) app appear in my newstand instead of out on the desktop? I cannot highlight and drag it in.
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    Importing Pictures

    I just got a new iPad and want to import pictures from my pc to the iPad. Nothing I have tried seems to work. I selected folders in iTunes and synced and nothing.