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    The iPad Dock Works With The iPhone!

    Dock your iPad on any iPhone or iPod dock accessory For folks who want to use their iPad with the zillion of other docks, speakers, accessories that were built for the iPhone or iPod, CableJive has a cable that lets you dock the iPad to any iPhone or iPod accessory...
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    line out?

    I'm not 100% sure how this is being done, but I recently got a line out cable from CableJive and it works with all iPhone and iPod models. I'm hesitant to pull mine apart to see what they are doing. For $20 it might be worth someone's $$ to crack it open and document what they are doing...
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    Short iPod USB cable

    I got a super-short iPhone sync cable at CableJive (could be used for iPod too), the iStubz. It's shorter than the one you reference, but in the same ballpark.