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  1. BWGrapher

    Why 9 min?

    I just have one curiosity this morning. I'm using iPhone's alarm for waking up every morning. I like to set the alarm one hour earlier than the time that I have to wake up. Therefore, I set the alarm at 6:00 AM for every weekdays because I have to wake up at least 7:00 AM. At 6:00 AM, iPhone...
  2. BWGrapher

    please~! upload your keyboard artwork file~!

    Hi guys.. (& gals..) I had a problem. I tried to change iPhone's keyboard artwork file because I'm a Korean and want to use Korean on the iPhone. There is the method to use Korean that developed by unknown Korean user. However, I couldn't memorized the Korean keyboard. So I tried to change the...
  3. BWGrapher

    Can anyone confirm this about 1.1.2?

    I think I found new default ringtones, but I'm not sure that it was added on 1.1.2 or 1.1.1. I did update today to 1.1.2 and I could see more ringtones in Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone. There are some unfamiliar ringtones Which are Bell Tower, Old Phone, Piano Riff, Pinball, Sonar, and Timba...
  4. BWGrapher

    Found International Keyboard on 1.1.1 iPhone

    I'm sorry if this was already posted. I succeed jailbreak my 1.1.1 iPhone yesterday night, and I found international option was in the "M68AP.plist" But this option was set to false, so I changed to true. Then I could found international option was activated under General setting. FYI ...
  5. BWGrapher

    How can I re-doewload iTunes Store's music

    Hi all. I'm in Korean now, so I didn't know that there was iPhone's software update. Today, I noticed it, and I tried to update my iPhone. However, there was a problem which I couldn't know, and my iPhone was reseted. Therefore, I lost all my songs and contact lists. Contact lists are fine...
  6. BWGrapher

    Keyboard error?

    Has any one had keyboard problem? I got this problem today. On the vertical mode, I can't touch the very bottom keys (.?123 space return). Actually, it works wrong way. When I touch ".?123" key, iPhone recognize it as shift key. For "space" key, it recognize as "c", "v", or "b". For "return"...
  7. BWGrapher

    Has any one met other iPhone users in the public?

    I'm just wondering because I never have met yet. How about you guys? If so, what did you talked to each other? Ah, forgot to say where I'm living. I'm living in Queens, NY but I usually go to Manhattan couple of times per week and I never met others either in manhattan.
  8. BWGrapher

    Verizon users, help me

    Hi. I'm currently Verizon user, and I'm going to change my service provider to AT&T because of the iPhone. Also, I'm ready to pay early termination fee. However, I want to keep my phone number, and I know I can do by myself on iTunes. So I watched activation video again, but I couldn't find out...
  9. BWGrapher

    Pay deposit over the phone?

    I just called my AT&T Store and ask a few questions. Q. How many iPhone do you have? A. We don't know yet. Q. Let me change my question. Are there enough stocks if I go there tomorrow early in the morning? A. We don't know that, either. However, probably there are very limited stocks, so we...