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  1. jafundy

    iPhone 6s Auto signature

    Is there any way to put an auto signature on each originated text? Is there an app that will do it if the phone won't? I know I can do it on email but would like to have it on text as well.
  2. jafundy

    Transferring photos from iPhone 4 to 6+

    How do I download photos from iCloud? Do I have to restore the whole phone or can I just download the photos? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. jafundy

    Deleting photos downloaded from a PC

    How do I delete pictures/albums downloaded from my PC? Syncing won't do it. Sent using iCafe app
  4. jafundy

    iPad disabled

    Have a mini that won't charge and says iPad disabled. What can I do? Any way to do factory reset? Can't get off disabled screen. Sent using iCafe app
  5. jafundy

    Quickest way to download music stored in cloud to new iPhone?

    So I got the iphone 6. Now all of my music is on the cloud. I have almost 3000 songs. how do I get them back on the phone without having to download them one at a time?
  6. jafundy

    Moving pictures from camera roll

    Want to move pictures off camera roll to albums. I have 26 but when I select pictures it only highlights one album which is not the one I want to move pics to. How do I correct this? Also how many pics will the camera roll hold? Do most of you clear out the camera roll? Sent using iCafe app
  7. jafundy

    iPhone 6 release date?

    Any ideas when the iPhone 6 will be released? Some suspected after the first of the year. Others say mid summer. Haven't seen much lately. I'm holding out for a larger screen. Not enough on 5s to encourage me to upgrade.
  8. jafundy

    Call Block

    Didn't we get call block on IOS 7? Where can I find it? Trying to get rid of telemarketers Sent using iCafe app
  9. jafundy

    Get the calendar events to show as a list in iOS 7

    How do I get the calendar events to show as a list like it did before? Sent using iCafe app
  10. jafundy

    Saving a Word file

    Is there any way to save a Word file on a mini IPad? Maybe through an app? Trying not to have to carry a PC with me.
  11. jafundy

    How do I sync notes using iCloud?

    Ok so I have notes on my iPhone 5. I sync to iCloud. Trying to get notes on my new iPad mini which also syncs to iCloud but to no avail. Ideas?
  12. jafundy

    Can I put apps in folders on iPad mini?

    I have an iPad mini running iOS 6. Can I put apps in folders like on the iPhone 5? Is the process the same for creating folders?
  13. jafundy

    Can I sync my iPad and iPhone 5 on the same PC?

    So can I sync my iPad and iPhone 5 on the same PC? Never had an iPad so not sure. Would like the same apps music and photos on my iPad coming for Christmas. And yes I will have enough memory.
  14. jafundy

    First time user

    Want to back up my iPhone 4S it says plugged in, locked, with wifi. Plugged into what? Screen locked? Got the wifi part. Haha. Hoping I can wirelessly backup then download to new iPhone 5 as I am not near my "sync" computer.
  15. jafundy

    New computer

    How do I backup and sync an existing iPhone to a new computer? I am afraid to sync for fear I will wipe out the data currently on the iPhone.
  16. jafundy

    Can you delete multiple texts at one time on iPhone?

    On my iPhone, when using Messages, is it possible to delete multiple texts at a time? Is there an option to delete all?
  17. jafundy

    iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S

    Is it worth upgrading from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 4S?
  18. jafundy

    HD movies

    Does it normally take 7 hours to download from iTunes ?
  19. jafundy

    Unable to access Camera Roll on iPhone

    Can't get to my camera roll. The gray "albums" notation is covering it. Also if I drag down, album won't open. What's up?
  20. jafundy

    Auto correct spelling

    Is there any way to correct suggested inserts? Every time I type us... It tries to insert u's which isn't even a word. Can I delete it from auto correction some how?