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    Apple hates new york?

    They are damning you to hell because you unlocked your iPhone and are using it on T-Mobile. :laugh2: .. They're pissed that they're not getting royalties! hahaha
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    iPhone Overheating

    Yeah, I did the same thing. I woke up and the phone was so hot I could barely touch it. Then I looked at the front screen and it was CRACKED! A huge crack down the middle. I took it into an Apple store and they replaced it no questions asked. Now I take care of my phone so well, they could see...
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    Not optimize photos?

    No... actually it wasn't. I can clearly remember "pinching" and zooming in to the pictures and being able to see a MUCH higher quality image than I do now. I can't even zoom in a little before the image quality is bigtime diminished. FWIW I am using 8mp images so I know it's not a question of...
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    spoofing iPhone user agent

    I would like to do the opposite. I have to login to a site that accepts logins from desktops with no problem, but makes you pay or a "mobile" device. I can understand the extra cost per month if you are using a BB, or treo or something that requires extra coding but the iPhone worked the first 3...
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    Not optimize photos?

    You know, that is really weird. I was just thinking about this today. I used to be able to show a photo on the iPhone and zoom in with the "pinch" and it would be so clear. Now after I updated to 1.01 (or whatever, the new update), it seems that my photos are really grainy when you zoom in and...
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    How hot is hot?

    I woke up one day and my phone (after a month) was REALLY hot. So much so, that I pulled my hand away. When I finally picked it up there was a huge (and I mean HUGE) crack in it from top to bottom. I took it back to the Apple store here in CA and they replaced it no questions asked. They...
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    celebrities with iPhones?

    actually, coach :2cool:
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    celebrities with iPhones?

    I am a flight attendant with a major (colourful) airline, and yesterday I had a celebrity from the show "heroes" on my flight from Long Beach to Chicago. I cannot disclose who (due to my contract obligations) but even more, because, I respect all peoples private information. All I can say is...
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    The Ultimate iPhone Software Update Discussion Thread

    Seriously dude, I think we know sooner than they do with leeks/Rumors. End-level retail employees don't know crap from what I can surmise. When it happens, it happens.
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    Met someone with hacked iPhone. Really cool!

    I think I am pretty computer savvy but 1/2 way through the ./jailbreak process I get this weird message "You're going to have to learn to hold it longer than that, buddy!" and I have quit iTunes and the iTunes helper. Anyone?
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    Best Anti-theft case for your iPhone

    wow, I don't usually laugh out loud but I did reading that! :)
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    Video phone calls

    I say MWSF 2008, if not then WWDC 2008. But that is just my o opinion.
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    Have anyone experience these...

    That music thing has happened to me like 6 times in the last hour. Funny enough it just happened to me when I tried to reply to you. Very annoying!
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    AT&T doesn't listen!

    That is really interesting. I bought 2 **8 gig iPhones** at Apple Store Fashion Island in Newport Beach,Ca. The dude that sold them to me just reached for a pile and processed the order. It took me 10 minutes (and being out the door) to realize that he sold me 2, 4 Gigs. Well the only reason why...
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    What's on your iPhone?

    that's funny. I played "southern cross" :laugh2:
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    iPhone Safari shutting down repeatedly

    Please say weeks and not months. :embarrassed: I am 100% behind the iPhone but we really do need an update quickly to keep the confidence of the general public.
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    When someone calls me they can hear.....

    I remember this used to happen a long time ago when GSM was first introduced (into Canada at least, back then when I lived there). I have NOT heard of this happening in a long time though!
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    Deleting movies on iPhone doesn't work

    After watching a movie or videocast etc on my iPhone it asks if I want to delete it. I say yes and then it confirms. The problem is when I go to sync it puts the movie back on the iPhone. Shouldn't it DELETE the movie from the computer? That is my idea of sync'ing
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    Happily Returning iPhone & Getting Blackberry Back...

    With all due respect Apple may actually be helping our future generation by not including words in their dictionary such as fo shizzle, or dat instead of that. The list goes on and on. I guess I am one of the very few who speak and type normal proper words, so the keyboard is welcome to me. :smile:
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    iPhone case reviews

    InCase Leather Folio - Black I purchased this case below on launch day at an Apple store. I like horizontal "folio" cases and originally wanted the DLO but they did not have it and I subsequently can't find it in stock anywhere. (If anyone has it please do a review). I only bought it because I...